$1,000 down and tune still isn’t right!

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  1. Got back from a trip to Apex and overall things are getting better, but now I’m a grand in the hole (total so far) and have major detonation at wot. :bang: First off Bill was a nice guy and we just ran out of time for the night. Air fuel level was around 11 to 11.5 and numbers were sound at 456hp and 480torque. I’m running out of money and hope the next time will be the last. We put Autolite plugs in (could that be the problem?)

    I have just the basic mod’s and tried to due some research on here before I dove into this and didn’t find anyone who seems to have had the tuning problems I have encountered (for sim. mod's). Am I a freak of nature or has anyone ells taken as much time or money as I have with tuning? :shrug:

    I am learning a lot through the experience, but if I knew the amount of tuning involved I would have waited until after the holidays. Anyway I am very pleased with ware its heading I just can’t wait to get it to a track.
  2. Put the stock MAF back in it and get a differnt CAI. Then give it another go on the dyno.

    My 2 cents...

  3. A full power reading that rich with detonation tells me that core temperature (a detonation pre-cursor) was attained some time prior in the accel. I would add fuel earlier in the RPM range. Make sure it's not leaner than 11.5 or 12.0 through peak torque - then lean to 12.7 1000 RPM above peak torque.
  4. I know you have the superchip in your "V6r" but you have a "Race Systems" chip in the Cobra. (I assume this is the car you are talking about)

    Have you been getting these files done by dyno appt with tuning done after each dyno run? (I would assume so, with the money you have been spending).

    I don't remember if the king cobra comes with a 2.8 or 2.9 upper. Which is it?
    What's your AFR look like (per RPM in open loop) and have you checked your timing in open loop on an NGS scan tool? Any pinging at tip in or at cruise?

    Superchips has great upper pulley tuning that has the AFR just right with no detonation.

    Something to consider....tuning with mass air upgrades can be challenging if you don't know exactly what you are doing. The C&L DOES work in the cobra if tuned correctly. I'll have one of these soon.
    Everything will soon be posted mod by mod on a brand new superflow dyno.

  5. Uncle Meat, I had a feeling you were going to say that, and I’m starting to agree with you. I will give them one more time to get it right, and then the 95MAF is toast. :uzi:

    Roger Ramjet, I will bring that up to them. It’s sound logic. :nice:

    Vic_Ferrari, I have the 2.8 upper, and this is the second chip I have used so far, and the last two times have been dyno tuning. I would have gone with Superchips from the get go, but there aren’t any dyno shops in northern California that carry them. :(

    Thanks all for the advice and comments. It is very appreciated.
  6. I just heard back from Bill, and he told me to bring the car down on Saturday and Byron, (who I hear is the MAN) will tune it for no extra cost!

    What an answer to prayer!

    I’ll post the results. :banana:
  7. SCT is the way to go!

    SCT is the new tuning setup from Jerry W. (Fordchips, former Ford engineer) and Chris Johnson and a few others that know the game better than anyone else out there.

    Bought the package for my car and finally got finished with a few other things with the car and got the chip burned and put in yesterday.

    All I have to say is this is by far the best option to go with if you plan on modifying your EEC IV or V vehicle (will even support the newer PowerPC vehicles soon.) It allows you to change the parameters in the EEC that only others dream about and gives detailed explanations for everything. The package comes with the burner & chip (or Flasher if you choose that route), needed power/parallel/usb cables and software, as well as a customized file for your setup which is put together by the tuners themselves based on the thousands of other cars they've tuned before.

    Support for this product has been OUTSTANDING, once you purchase you get full access to a private forum to discuss any other questions that might arise while tuning directly with the SCT staff.

    For those of you debating of getting just an off the shelf chip or a chip by one of these guys at a local tune you should consider purchasing the package if you will be making anymore changes in the future. Once you add up the price of tune, dyno time, and future reburns that will be needed you quickly match or even exceed the cost of the package. Then you have the small things like adjustments on your shift curves, lockup, etc that can be done easily by you instead of waiting to get your chip back.

    If any of you that are considering this package or want to know more about it, go over to www.modulardepot.com to find out more.


    -Joshua Turmel
  8. All went well on Saturday. It turns out that the stock timing was what she wanted. The drive home was great! Raced a 911 twin turbo from 80 to 140, had him by a car and a half. Dyno was 488torque and 458hp. :banana:

    I am so pleased now that she is running perfect, what a dream. Next up is wider tires. I hear you can fit Nitto 315-35-17 on the factory rims; any body tried it? :shrug:

    BTW, Bill at Apex was very service oriented, and I would highly recommend them! :nice:
  9. .

    SCT is also a good choice.
    SCT is affiliated with Superchips, Inc. (though a separate entity)
    Superchips Inc.: www.superchips.com
    SCT: www.superchipscustom.com
    SCT is formerly known as JMS

    regarding my PM:
    I didn't see your last post...LOL

    Looks like Bill made the power!
    What is your AFR?
    Did he supply you with dyno sheets showing AFR?

  10. Bill and Vince are the men..lol
    I get my 01GT serviced all the time at APEX...expensive but u get the service u pay for... :nice:
  11. if you cant figure it out give rick from amazon racing a call tell him your mods and he will end you out a chip for those mods then try it. with the mods you have listed you should be closer to 500RWHP..

    few things to stay away from is a fender mount cold air. and a C&L meter
  12. I agree with the fender mount air.....the open large k&n is better on the dyno #'s.

    As for the C&L.....it kicks butt if you know how to tune it.
    Most tuners don't fully understand the mass air function.
    Of course, there are other brand MAF's that are calibrated wrong from the factory and tuning them correctly is literally trial and error.
    This is not the case with C&L and I've seen good things from SLP, too.

  13. Derek.....500 HP is a stretch for his mods.
    470ish is about right
    Sure it may do it........at 13.5:1 AFR! argh!

    Making the most peak number isn't what makes the car it's fastest.
    I've seen 450 HP 03's make power considerably LONGER than a 490 HP 03.
    In these cases, the 450HP car had a longer pull and was faster. The air fuel ratio was also CORRECT and safe.
    It's not about the peak number that everyone likes to brag about. Where does it make the power? Look at the entire run and tune it properly and I'll show you a 450HP 03 that will beat a 500HP 03.

  14. Thanks for the input. I’m running a little rich around 11.5, and could go to 12.5, but I’m going to wait on that. :nice:
  15. Correction, SCT is not formerly known as JMS. JMS is still in business.

    CJ is no longer affiliated with JMS, and is now a part of SCT along with several other people.
  16. ok i thought he had a few other's and i read what he had wrong.
    so 470 is a good number.
    i know what you mean. at the 03 cobra shoot out in bowling green the winner of the street tire class had around 485RWHP and was beatting 550hp KB cars. alot of it was his driving.

    11.5 is a good safe street tune. and the extra fuel isnt a bad thing the extra fuel is helping cool the charge.
  17. 11.5 is safe.
    12.5 is pushing it.
    I like 12.0 across the board, maybe 12.2

    SCT consists of CJ, Dave, Winston and several others....working closely with Superchips, Inc.
    Believe it or not, I was not aware that JMS was still in existence. Chris just got back from PRI and I'll ask him about it tomorrow.