$1,000 for mods, what would you do?

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  1. Ok, I've socked away about a grand for some mods to the 2000 GT. Currently, it is bone stock. What would you do with $1,000, not including gears. (I've got both 3.73's and 4.10's at home, just haven't decided which to do yet.)

    I was thinking an programmer (Diablo maybe)
    O/R x-pipe (Don't know if this will affect emissions passing yet)

    Any other combinations I should look at? This is used as a daily driver. But then, my commute is only 7 miles each way.
  2. Get it tuned up first.
  3. As in computer tune, or just basic tune up parts? (plugs, wires, filters, etc?)
    (And I did get the A/C fixed. Thanks for the help)
  4. Exhaust, Get rid of the stock cats, get H pipe w/cats, mufflers of your
    choice w/stainless tips. CAI, Steeda UDP's. At that point you will be
    out of $$$ more than likely.
  5. By tune up I meant making sure all the fluids are fresh, maint has been done, etc...

    But anyways, I think you should try to do gears and handheld programmer. If you have any left over do a catback or even cheaper some weld in flows.

    You should try to work a short throw shifter in there also.
  6. I would do what streethorse said but instead of buying mufflers and tips just by a catback and forget the CAI.
  7. Personally I'd skip the UD pulleys and CAI and go with the mid-pipe and then get those gears installed.
  8. I agree forget about CAI and pulleys.
  9. 4.10's, SCT XCal2, O/R X-pipe and a nice catback :nice:
  10. I agree with the forget the CAI and pulleys... intake mods are almost useless on a stock cam and head 4.6L
  11. Cool. Maintenance is well kept, all fluids have been done within the last 5,000 miles.

    Gears, like I said are easy for me, so I figured a programmer so I can recalibrate the speedo.

    I've read (not experienced it though) that a crossover pipe will gain more power than a catback. Also that a CAI wouldn't increase that much more than a K&N (my only mod)

    Shifter, for sure. That's primarily personal preference, I hate the stock shift.

    It is different for me to be modding a vehicle that isn't to build as slow as you can go. (crawl ratio on the Samurai is around a 132:1) I'm used to gearing the snot of a rig, and building flexy off-road suspensions.

    Thanks for the ideas!
  12. Sounds like you're on the right road! Those li'l Samurai's are a lot of fun!:nice:
  13. i know where you can get a CAI cheap!! i would get the x cal2 , MGW shifter and some lowering springs!!
  14. Magnaflow Catback :nice:
  15. +1 :nice:

    And I know where you can get an offroad midpipe for cheap... :p
  16. hookers and booze.....one hell of a weekend!
  17. +1
    And if you got $187.00 left get a MGW!
  18. Skip the "tip-tap" mods and sock away another 3-grand and buy yourself a blower for some real power.
  19. save up for a blower or put it in a high yield savings account instead. dont waste your money on small crappy mods.

    Gears, full exhaust, blower or nitrous, dyno tune, suspension/tires. skip the crappy bolt-ons.
  20. Gears/programmer, then something that will make some real power. Cams/nitrous/blower.

    Or just Nitrous :D