$1,000 incentive for 2006 Mustangs

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  1. I saw a commercial last night which said Ford is now offering a $1,000 incentive for Mustangs financed with Ford. Ford's website says nothing about this incentive. Anyone know anything about it?
  2. I haven't heard anything about this myself but I'd sure be interested to find out if it's true.
  3. Yes. I purchased my '06 Pony-package last week, and I was given a $500 "cash-to-customer" rebate, along with an additional $500 for financing through Ford Credit.
    There is also an additional $500 rebate for full and part-time college students, a $500 rebate for active military personel, and a $500 rebate for members of the American Quarter Horse Association. Luckily, I am a part-time college student, so I received that rebate also.
  4. Damnit! That's just my luck.
  5. The incentive you are speaking of could be a regional or limited involvement offering that not every dealer participates in.
  6. That's true that the additional rebates could be regional...hadn't thought of that. I found about them on www.edmunds.com, and they ask for your zip code prior to letting you know about available rebates.
    I did notice it said that the $500 "cash to customer" rebate ends on May 31st.
  7. Hmm, hopefully I can score the $1000, I'm just getting my order together on a 2006. Got the car locked in, just have to send a list of stuff I want done up front.
  8. I've found that Edmunds rarely has correct rebate information.

    Mustang inventory at the dealers near me has more than doubled over the last 3 months and is running over 10 times the inventory at this time last year. I'd bet the rebates get renued June 1 if not increased.
  9. GTs are still in limited supply at my dealership.
  10. I have over a dozen dealers within an hour's drive from me. For the last year few of them had any GTs. Then in late March - early April 06 suddenly all the dealers got a bunch of auto tranny GTs. Manual tranny GTs were still in short supply until this month when most of the dealers got a lot of them.

    It's amazing how quickly the supply / demand curve has reversed. Last night I check on line inventory (yes I know it's not completely accurate). It showed >275 in stock of which ~130 are GTs.
  11. Its also got a lot to do with FORD finally getting around to making the cars that are in demand - instead of making only the cars that their Dealers THINK people want ...

    in other words, the Dealer Pre-Order period is finally over. :banana: :banana:
  12. I can only tell you it was a national tv commercial. I checked the Ford website, typed in my zip code and only saw the $500 military rebate and student rebate. Nothing about the $1,000 if you finance with Ford. Beats me.
  13. Around here there are 10 or more GT's on the dealer lots, one has over 15 including convertibles. Of those the vast majority (I'd say 80% or more) are 5speeds. Auto's are the rarity.
  14. Check the Ford Credit web site.


    With my ZIP it shows $500 stand alone cash on V6 Mustangs but nothing on GTs.

    Then again, in the past I've found Ford's websites to not have accurate info. The only way to know for sure is to go to a dealer and have them check on the Ford order system.
  15. Checked my local and the allocation is now really up high and I even saw 2 05's at the bottom of the pile.
  16. Yes, believe it or not, there are still unsold 2005 Mustangs sitting on dealer lots collecting dust. I don't know if it's still in effect, but a few months ago Ford had a sizeable amount of "dealer cash" on the remaining 2005 Mustangs to try to clear them out. Dealer cash is a rebate to the dealer, not to the customer. If the dealer passes on the dealer cash to the customer as a discount, it is better than rebates as you don't get charged sales tax like on a rebate.

    There are now so many 06 Mustangs at my local dealers and more keep arriving every week that it will require some really good incentives to clear them out once the 07s arrive.