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  1. Hey guys, i need ur help. I have a 95 3.8 5-speed with a cold air intake, pulley system and dual exhaust. I have about a 1000 dollars to spend for performance parts. I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me what else i can add that has the biggest bang for the buck. Thanks in advance.
  2. Gears

    But IMHO it's not worth it. All the money you put into it and a stock 99+ V6 will still beat you.
  3. yea bro it is worth it. I love my baby, i have beaten the new generation v8 mustangs with mine. Dont tell me he didnt know how to drive it cause i beaten two mustangs dat were similar. da 99+ stangs are heavier and not to mention uglier. 99+ is when the stangs started to get played out. Everyone has one, even those dat dont know anything about cars. If it is gears i should do, wat ratio?
  4. If I had a 1995 Mustang, it would have to be the 5.0 which was the last year for it from the factory before the 4.6 switch. Modding the 3.8 from the same year just seems like a waste. And dat's da chizzo mang, wurd up balla!

  5. 3.73's. Also put a traction-lok differential in. It might be a good idea just to search for an 8.8 rear end out of a 94-98 GT. You might get lucky and find one with with 3.73's. Just bolt and go.

    If you have money left over, do a 13" front brake upgrade too.

    BTW, the 99-04 Mustangs are lighter than the 94-98's due to use of composites in the body panels as well as other weight savings tricks. My GT is only 100 pounds heavier than my LX 5.0L
  6. gear!!!

    i also recomned going with a 8.8 rear end. casue if you havent noticed many times anything for a v-8 will be cheaper then for a v6