1:18 scale 2010 Mustang GT die-cast model

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  1. Ford has a special 1:18 die-cast that they are giving away to the media and special guests. The Ford exclusive is in Candy Red Metallic color and is made by Maisto. It won't be available for purchase.

    For regular production, Maisto is making the model in Yellow Jacket Metallic and Torch Red. For more photos and information, see the Maisto’s Daily Dose. blog (nothing is for sale there).

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  2. I found them both here for sale. I just wish they weren't verts.:notnice:
  3. You guys know the quality level of these? I collect the Danbury Mint mustangs, which are all $100+ and the best quality you can buy. I'm curious as to whether the LE 4000 ones they handed out are on this same level.

    The link you supplied is a bunch of bottom of the line style....
  4. They are Masito, they are gonna be a cheaper line. Usually those type sell for $10-$25 so I wouldnt expect them to be as good as a $100 die cast. But then again I wouldnt spend that kinda cash on a die cast so I am good with cheaper ones.
  5. I just got a 2010 hot wheels mustang specific for the auto show...it says auto show 09 on it, and is an la auto show specific give away. Find em on ebay now for $50 or so