1/2" spacers and 275/40 M/T's

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  1. I recently machined up, two 1/2" spacers for the rear and added a pair of 275/40's. Coupled with a set of urethane spring isolators, MOROSO 2 1/2" wheel studs and custom 'Wheel Discs', and I've got the look I've been waiting for, for years. Let me know what you think. Positive or Negative.
    P.S. Save the comments on the spacers.....Not interested. LOL. :nice:




    I also added new seats, last week. Not 100% on the quality. But the comfort is awesome. I may have them recovered, this summer with a custom touch. We'll see.


  2. Looks fuggin' awesome. As for the spacers, you will be ok with the long wheel studs. Def. have enough thread to grab onto the stud. :nice: :hail2:
  3. sweet looking car, how about some more pics?
  4. Thanks for the compliments, guys.
    Don't know what exactly you're looking for. However, try here...Pics of BOTTLFED

  5. looks good, i have a set of those rubbers sittinging in my garage, how do they hook?
  6. I'll tell you after this weekend. I have no idea. I hear, they hook fantastic, though.

  7. VERY nice car and clean....nice offset with the spacers too (I run the same size tires on my '85). Only thing I'd change if it were mine would be larger tips and dark fuel tank. BTW, how much ya sprayin'?

    Larger exhaust tips would look mean on that car with those tires (Quick Photohack, hope ya don't mind):)

  8. Car looks friggin' HOT dude!
  9. Thanks C.Harris. The exhaust tips are 2 1/2" already. Anything larger on a, fairly unmodified Mustang, would be rice, IMO. As for the gas tnk cover, I love the look of it, personally. To each, their own, though. I had that sent down from a guy in Arizona. www.glennsperformance.com. It's a composite piece that is painted the smae color as the car and comes with chrome straps. BTW...The Photohack link does not work for me. And, I'm sprayin' 125.
    Thanks for the compliments, Mustangphil,

  10. You'll be very happy with those rubbers...knock the psi in those things down to about 20 and you'll be flying...mine at 18 psi, leaving at 4500 net me a 1.59 60'
  11. car looks amazing, i like your DD on the left in the first pick though. that thing must really scream... :p
  12. SO HOT..SO VERY HOT...not4sale would be a nice plate :)
  13. LOL....I just charged that **** up, last night. torquey lil thing.