1/4 Mile And 1/8 Mile Guess Advice To Do Next

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  1. hi, i have a 1989 mustang lx notch back 5.0.Anyone have any guess on what my car will run in 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile?
    or have almost the same set up and can give me an idea? A guess with nitrous and with out to please. I'm also looking for advice on what to do next to my car.
    · 4.10 ford racing gear
    · Lakewood 50/50 rear shocks
    · C4 transmission with shift kit and servos 2800 stall
    · Cold air Intake
    · 76mm C&L mass air
    · 70 mm BBK throttle body and egr spacer
    · MSD coil
    · MSD cap and rotor
    · MSD 8mm spark plug wires
    · BBK shorty headers 2.5’
    · BBK off road H Pipe 2.5’
    · Flow Master super 44 mufflers 2.5’
    · Hurst quarter stick shifter
    · Energy suspension poly motor mounts
    · Centerline warrior rims with MT skinny’s and MH 26x10.5x15 cheater slicks
    · Ford racing Ac delete
    · Smog pump delete
    · Front sway removed
    · Timing bumped to 14 degrees
    · Electric fan
    · BBK under drive pulleys
    · Frame connectors
    · Hurst roll control
    Zex dry nitrous kit with 75,100,125 shot jets
  2. We get lots of these threads asking about hp and 1/4 mile times. You have to sell lottery tickets for estimates like that. We all guess a time, and then you go run and who ever has the closest time gets all the money in the pot.

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  3. I know what you mean just trying to see if anyone has ruffly the same mods and what there car is running. first race is june 15 so ill let everyone know. the car ran a best of 9.28 in a 1/8 last year with 410 gears headers with stock mufflers ac and smog delete and a worn out aod.
  4. My guess is low 14's and high 12's to low 13's with 125 shot. Cut your timing back with the n02 to 10* with 93oct. That's where I have mine and think its a safe starting point. I'm similiar to your build except I have some mildly ported heads,intake,cam,etc. and a 5spd. I've ran a best of 13.6's and 12.3's with the juice. Your times will be depended on altitude,air quality,track prep,driver ability,tune,etc. good luck and post up when you get your times
  5. will do thanks for the input.