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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by tama, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. I currently own a 98 cobra but my brother is looking into buying new mustang. A guy not far is offering his 2001 saleen sc281 to my brother, for what price I don't know, but we're not to familar with saleens except that the're supercharged and come with 365hp at the flywheel. Can somebody tell me what the 1/4 mile are for ones that are completley stock and how they compare to say a roush stage3 or 03-04 cobra. This is origanlly the cars he was looking at due to the fact that are local ford dealers no longer carry saleens on their lots. I heard roushes hitting 13 flat stock while 03-04 cobras can get into the high 12's. :shrug:
  2. A 01 S281 S/C should be able to crack into the high 12's with gears. Not familiar with any roush products. You should be able to get a 01 S281 with decent miles on it for the low to mid 20's.
    If he wants a Saleen then tell him to get one. You can always make it a bit faster. The blower on that car, the series 2 is outdated now, but still gets the job done.
    If I was looking for a new body style Saleen, I would get an 99-01 (price) and bolt on the blower of my choice. Then I will have what I want and a Saleen will always hold it's value better. (fact)
    If he just wants to go fast, get a used 03 Cobra. Man, with a few mods that thing will bury an S281, with the exception of the S281E. And you can pick one up for around 26-27K. Bummer that they drop in price so fast ( I used to own one, A Cobra) but, if he does not care about that, go with the Cobra.
    With a nice intake, free flowing exhaust, and a custom chip, you can get a new Cobra into the 11's. EASY.