1/4 mile predictions for 2010

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  1. seeing the new specs, I think we'll be seeing very low 13s. With the outgoing gt's running mid 13s and the new adding 15hp, 3.73 gears, and sticky tires (depends how sticky) I think very low 13s are feasible. Will it be enough to hold down the camaro?
  2. Good driver, on stock tires should be in the low 13's. As mid 13's were pretty feasible now.

    New Camaro, 422 hp 6 speed, I don't know the gearing, but on stock tires should be good for high 12's low low 13's. Pending on conditions and drivers.

    Sticky tires on the 2010 mustang should be very high 12's and low low 13's, but the mph would not be as high as the camaro.

    Just my opinion.

    Camaro is going to win the 1/4 mile race this year.
  3. completely stock it'll do low 13. With some drag radials and a good driver it could see 12s
  4. slightly faster (and I mean slightly) than the 05-09
  5. I love that they threw in the option of 3.73s..
  6. Same basic car as the '08 Bullitt...that ran mid 13's @ 106 via MotorTrend.
  7. same tires and gearing? serious question, if so then we know the accell..
  8. I agree 100%.

    Its 80#s heavier, so that negates roughly 8 of the HP. So in reality in terms of apples to apples....not considering the 19inch wheel option...the new GT will be around 7HP faster. :rlaugh:

    Thats ROUGHLY .07 of a second faster in the 1/4. :shrug:

    That thing is only 130#s lighter than a 03 cobra....wow.
  9. True that the camaro ss does have 422 so why dont they compare apples to apples. They need to compare the SS( aka super slow...) to the Shelby GT500. Yeah i know it wouldnt be a fair fight but would be so much fun to watch the Shelby kill the SS. Also There are some videos on youtube comparing the SS, Callenger and the Shelby
  10. Just a few questions:

    1.) Has the rearend (besides the gearing) for the 2010 Mustang changed. How much abuse can it take? Can it handle 3.73 with sticky tires and hard launches?

    2.) What kind of rearend does the Camaro SS have? Can it handle abuse? How will the Camaro handle sticky tires and hard launches? How will the independent rear suspension hold up to the 1/4 mile?
  11. So if you go to the chevy website and build and price a camaro v8, bottom of the line, it will run you $31,500 if you do the same with the v8 mustang it will run you $28,100, so that is 3,500 dollars difference (i am not using the ford dealer stock price because they mark up and we do not have the chevy dealer markup prices yet which im sure will be comparable if not worse than the mustangs). for the 3,500 dollars or i think it is 4000 dollars you can add the supercharger package from ford racing (which is not a stock option from ford they either install for you (included in the price) or find you one that comes installed) so the mustang will have over 400hp and 400tq. If you ask me, that is a better comparison than the stock v8 mustang, at least price wise.... So im not really worried about the camaro taking the lead on us, plus if you have the supercharged mustang you just change a pulley and a chip and you can get a good amount of extra ponies.
  12. we do not have the chevy dealer markup prices yet which im sure will be comparable if not worse than the mustangs.

    I am sure some Chevy dealers will be marking up the price, but I have already been to a dealer and they are not marking up any of the Camaros, granted I haven't ordered one. You have to order it and it takes 60-90 days for a SS. Until people post the prices of what they actually have paid for either their Mustang GT and Camaro SS, I wouldn't bet on buying one over the other and modding it to beat the other. The argument of spending less upfront and spending it on mods is a very weak argument.
  13. its not really a mod if it is a factory option. just the the option from the v6 to the v8 is an option. installed by factory. warranty by the factory. if it is included in the out the door price it is an option, in muscle mustang and fast ford's (and) other magazines they called it the FRPP MUSTANG which is what it is called. FORD RACING PERFORMANCE PARTS MUSTANG. so its not an aftermarket mod, it is almost like another model if you really think about it. If its comparable in price then it is worth comparing or would you like to remove 3k-4k worth of engine technology that chevy is charging for the camaro in order to achieve the extra 100 ponies it gets.... ? because that is what you are paying for.
  14. Good point. I wasn't aware that the supercharger option was available on any GT and that is only 3,500. I assumed it was only available on the premium GT's with the "track package". That is amazing that they only charge 3,500 for the supercharger, install it and warranty it when it it is listed at 5,000+ on the FRRP website.
  15. Ohh and i just got the new ROAD AND TRACK magazine and im reading the 2010 Camaro article and it turn out its no longer an AMERICAN car, its a "Australian/US project" built/assembled in Ontario CANADA. So technically, its no longer an AMERICAN car if you ask me. Ohhh and the 2010 mustang GT was tested in Irvine california at 77 degrees F, while the Camaro was tested in Milford Michigan at 59 degrees F. If you ask me that is a pretty large temp difference which could equal a tenth or a couple of tenths difference (im not 100% on how much difference it would make but im sure someone with more experience with temp differences can make a better educated guess) and these numbers were taken right off the Road and Track magazine.
  16. interesting times are ahead if they do release the 5.0 and turbo motors in 2010 :)
  17. I'm not shy so I'll post what I paid. I walked out the door at $34K after tt&l.

    My car is a black GT premium with 5-speed and the 3.73 gears. It has leather interior, shaker 1000 system, back-up camera and the 19" upgraded wheels with pirelli tires. I think that's all the upgrades it has... I just saw it on the lot and had to have it :)

    For those saying the supercharger is $3.5K installed I want DETAILS as I have the cash on hand and will do that in a heart beat. I was thinking it was going to cost twice that...
  18. a supercharger option is like the NAVi, an option on a new car. I doubt it'll cost the same after you drive off, but who knows. I haven't seen proof of the 3.5k option either, but if it's true, then I would consider that as stock configuration for about the same money as a camaro.
    I'm not getting excited too much as I won't be getting either one, but I think it is interesting to see what happens. If I trade my modded GT/CS, then it'll be for a 1 year old 2010 gt500, I no longer believe in buying brand new cars. My 07, with 22k miles, was a year old when I got it for 24.8k (after haggling and before taxes/fees), a new one equally optioned would have been right about 37k + taxes/fees. So for the 10k, I can forge the rotating assembly and throw a blower/turbo on and hit 600hp...

  19. thats a nice car btw :)