1/4 mile times good or bad?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 9550gt, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. went to the track like a week ago and i was hitting 14.3's constantly
    what does everyone think? Any ideas on the best way to improve it?

    off road h pipe
    dynomak exhaust
    pro m maf
    bbk ccold air
    msd distributor
    and no stickers
  2. well first you need to post the entire timeslip so we can analyze it...mainly mph and 60', but the whole thing would be nice..

  3. Usually a coupe w/ exhaust, pulleys, and gears will run 13s with a good driver. Just for comparison.
  4. And slicks. And it really depends on what track you're going to. At my track, 14.3 with those mods would be quite good.

  5. No, street tires. Chromeyellow94 ran a 14.0 with street tires those mods and 3.55s and that was his first and only pass after the gears before he sold the car. With 3.73s and practice 13s would be very easy without slicks or even DRs.
  6. Well that's why Dave said with slicks. Some tracks aren't preped as well as others. Obviously the track that Chromeyellow94 ran at was pretty good. At the 1/8 track that I went to, traction is non existant.