1/4 tank no start isue

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by JMart, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I thought I would ask to see if anyone else has come across this issue. If my 2011 5.0 GT gets below a 1/4 tank on the few guage it can take sever tries to get it to fire up. Sometimes its just a long crank and other times like today we have to crank it 3 times to get it to start. The first couple of times it was completely random but today it has done it twice in a row. The only common factor in all the times it has done it was 1/4 tank. Usually thats when we fill the car up when it starts getting close to a 1/4.

    I cant get it into a dealer today to see what they say but I called 2 with no luck. Of course they both say bring it in but they have never worked on one yet. The girlfriend has the car and she is at work so hopefully it starts when she leaves. I will put some fuel in it to see if that helps it start, but then I have to run it down tomorrow to see if that causes it again. This is probably the first day it has been driven in the rain so I hope that isnt what causes the issue. If so I know that will never get figured out.
  2. this has happened to a few others. its a defect in the gas system. get the dealer to fix it. cant remember exactly what it is.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Its going to the dealer tomorrow to see if they can get it figured out. I will post up the results.
  4. After three days at the dealer they cant figure out where the problem is. Picking it up today and its still not fixed. We even showed the videos that we took of the problems and they still cant find a problem. The shop foreman basically told me if it doesnt throw a code they dont know how to fix it. What a bunch of monkeys. What does the ASE certification test consist of? Matching fruit to its color? Any idiot can fix a car if it throws a code. How about fixing one useing some deductive reasoning.
  5. I've heard of this sort of thing on the Ford GT Forum and in that case is was a damaged flapper not properly sealing at the filler neck. It required the replacement of the filler neck which incorporates the flapper. Damage most likely caused when putting the gas nozzle into the filler neck.