1/4 Times New To Me Gt

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  1. well first off got rid of my ram express for me a 2008 gt. Car was bone stock 5 speed. I took it to the track the week I got it. Not having much seat time in the car I ran a 14.1 with a 2.0 60ft. It was hot about 90* outside to so not bad for bone stock. Next week I ordered bama race tune, off road x pipe, and 4.10s. The dealer was awesome about installing the 4.10s. only reason I was able to get them is the pinion bearing messed up two weeks after I got the car so they installed them free ! other than that car is stock. Stock headers, axle backs , and no cai. Took it to the track last Thursday and put on some nt05rs I had laying around. Aired em down to about 25psi and launched pretty good cutting a 1.8 60ft and ran 13.2. The weather again was hot as hell . I am very surprised how well the car ran. I knew the mods helped but I was expecting like maybe a 13.6-13.7. With a little bit better weather and harder launch im sure it would be in the 12s. Not too bad for these mods
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  2. Very nice! Upgrade the control arms, add some adjustable shocks, and launch it hard. It'll definitely be in the 12s.