~ $1,400.00 To Put In 4:10's?... <Swallows Hard>

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mega-Man, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I just got off the phone with a local Ford dealer to find out how much it would cost to put in 4:10's--approximately $1,400.00 Is this a good / average price? If it is, am I going to be driving down the road singing AC/DC's, "Big Balls" everytime I punch the gas?

    Just curious... If so, then I need to start thinking about selling another Baseball Card from my collection to finance my Mustang habbit. LOL

    - Mega
  2. :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:

    I've had quotes from 200 to 300 at reputable shops that rebuild rear ends
  3. hahahhahahahah oh i'm sorry your serius.... thats horrible if they told you that they are ripping you off by at least $1,000 you should be able ot get them installed for about 300
  4. shops in my area were quoting $600-700. i did a bunch of research and changed mine out myself. no noise or problems for about a year now.
  5. sorry, spelling problem.
  6. Oh, my, word... Do I just have a "Sucker" symbol stamped on my head, or what?

    The service manager told me they had to completely break down the rear-end, figure out what rings and stuff I needed, then totally rebuild it. Said it would take 8-10 hours to complete.

    I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air. I've tried to locate someplace, ANYPLACE here in Western Washington which could help me out on the exhaust and gears. I'd like to goto a Mustang specialty shop, or at least one which knows what they're doing, but haven't come across anything on the net. Any suggestions? - Mega
  7. dont u have to re calibrate the speedo? if so how did u do that
  8. Go back any tell that guy hes a dick and not to try and screw anyone else. Thats retarded/ I paid 225. It took under 2 hours.

    **** that ******* out, and do yourself a favor... Never use a dealer for performance work.
  9. I just paid $580.00 for:

    4.10's, stage 2 install kit, premium reusable gasket, 2 qts. synthetic grease, friction modifier, tax, labor and shipping...

  10. O.K., I'm really swim'in here guys. I just called a Transmission place (who by the way, was having a hard time recalling if he'd ever switched out a car to 4:10's). At any rate, he explained to me I might need a new carrier assembly, rings, pinions, and would need to have the car 1/2 day to research what exactly needed to be done. (Also mentioned he didn't know if the computer / speedometer needed to be changed as well.) All said & done, he said it would be in the neighborhood of $1,000.00--more if a certain part was needed (what it was, I dunno, my head was trying to keep up with the conversation).

    Am I just asking the wrong question as to what I want done, or is it just there are over-zealous mechanics here in WA State? From these two quotes, it sounds like it'd be a lot cheaper to drive across country to get work done on my car.

    The question I'm asking, is, "I would like to change my 2002 Ford Mustang GT to 4:10 gears." Is this too general? Am I asking the wrong thing? In both cases, a <sigh> was heard on the other end of the line when I asked this question. Apparently, it isn't too common of a practice(?) Bah! - Mega
  11. I'd keep looking.

    For me it was easy to put 3.73's in my 5.0 Mustang.

    I just found a garage and went in and talked to the mechanic. The guy had a GN, a nice 70's Sting Ray and a old beefed up Nova in the garage.

    I said "how much to toss some 3.73's in a Mustang?"

    $175 and half a day later i had my 3.73's installed. I only brought him the gears and 3 quarts of redline fluid
  12. Just call around and ask how much it would be to have 4:10's installed on my02 GT. Like everyone else is saying it shouldn't be no more than $300, including the shafts and so forth.
  13. yea they are tryin to ripp you off, should be in 200-450 neighborhood
  14. :nonono:

    Your first mistake: Going to a Ford dealership. For $1400 it better include a bl owjob and a lifetime oil change.

    Your second mistake: Going to a transmission place. They are going to be just as clueless as the Ford Dealership.

    If you pay $1000-1400 for gear install then I will personally be offended and mail you a hate letter.

    Find a mustang tuning shop, or at least a muscle car tuning shop. I payed $180 for my 4.10 gears and $250 for install/oil.
  15. Please for the love of god do not spend over 400 on installation!!!

    I paid 400 for mine to be installed (IRS Suspension = teh sux).

    Those shops are treating you like an ignorant fool or they themselves are just idiots. Try posting on the regional forums and see if anyone knows of a good shop to go to in your area. Good luck!
  16. :jaw: Woeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!I paid 400 bucks, including the purchace of gears,and fluids.And that is in canadian $$$$$$"S :shrug: .Keep looking :) .
  17. Will do, and thanks guys. I promise, I'll stay within the ballpark. ;)

    Now if only someone could tell me if $150.00 for a dyno baseline test is too much on my other thread... <hint!> - Mega
  18. When I got my Roush part of the deal was to put a 3.73 & fix the speed o. They call me about a month ago & said they had a bill for me that was $1,4XX I forgot the exact amount. I told them what the deal was when I got the car & that was the last I heard of it.

  19. Man...your just getting served left and right arent you. :nonono: $50-85 for two baseline runs with air/fuel printouts is the acceptable range.
  20. Is there a drag strip near you? If so go there and talk to a couple Mustang guys and they will likely be able to hook you up with somebody to change the gears at a reasonable price. As far as the speedo goes you can either buy a calibrator or make a chip your next mod and spedo can be corrected with the chip.