~ $1,400.00 To Put In 4:10's?... <Swallows Hard>

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mega-Man, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. dont go to a ford dealer to have aftermarket gears put in.
    BTW im paying 200 and they should be done in an hour or so :D:D:D
  2. Getting anything done at the dealership is just silly, a ford dealership near me wanted 1500 to put in a new rear window in my convertible. HAHAHA, the window shop 2 miles down the road charged me $400 total. I got a gear quote for 250 from a local shop...
  3. Bart Tobener, former 8 second renegade mustang racer, will be doing 4.10s and a diablo chip for $825 for me. Thats parts AND labor. Don't goto a ford dealership, its a rip off.
  4. $1400? Are you and four friends going to get 4.10's installed or something? What a rip!
  5. Wow, I feel sorry for you. Might would be better to go out of town to another shop and just rent a hotel and stay, you would still be saving money, haha
  6. I suppose I made the mistake of doing that. And I paid $400 in the process. It's a lot more than what many of you guys are paying but it was the only place I could find to get the gears installed. And I was tired of waiting so long (over 6 months) so I basically said "the hell with it" and went on and got it done.
  7. damn, a dyno near me charges $75 for 4 runs with a wideband
  8. nothing against you but you must have sucker attached to the sound of your voice!!!

    I would say $300 for it all... quit asking *ick heads!!!
  9. Those guys are trying to rip you off. Anything over $500 I think is borderline. Most get them for about $300, so look around.
  10. What the shops are probably telling you is they need to change out all the bearings. Rear wheel, carrier and pinion. You don't need that since your car is relativly new. I had all of my bearings replaced when I had my 4.10's installed on my 96 except for the wheel (I had done those myself) because I had a bad carrier bearing and it cost $510. I had it done at a perfomance shop that specialized in LS1 cars. If the shop is reputable they can do the job for you even if they don't specialize in Fords. Also you will need to have the computer flashed to correct the speedo. Otherwise your speedo will read 100 when you are doin 70. That is possibly in the quote also.
  11. I had the bearings changed at my 1st swapp, cost only $40 more. They were damaged after 10K miles, too tight from the factory.
    The swapp was $250 (took only 1hour while I was waiting) and I paid $150 for the gears.
  12. My speedo is still dead accurate with my 4.10's.
  13. jesus craig u cant muster better than 14 flat w/ that cobra? whats the deal?
  14. i paid ~$330 for everything.. don't do it man...
  15. a mechanic at my local ford dealer told me 225 installed for used gears(not including the speedo recall). Of course this is not through ford, its just through fords mechanic, for some reason the ford dealer by my house isnt allowed to install performance parts. Regardless the work gets done at the ford dealer by the ford mechanic, just no warranty or tax or anything. If a shop had never done a gear install I wouldnt go to them even if they were only going to charge you $100, they need to be done right. Go kick the guy in the nuts who told you $1400.
  16. Thanks much Cavallo! I'll give them a call tomorrow morning. ;)

    Don't worry guys, I'm going to do something better then nut-kicking or calling names--I'm not going to give them my money. LOL I was really discouraged this afternoon, but will give the guys Cavallo mentioned a call and see if they can keep things under 4-digits.

    Oh, and thanks Craig--I'm also calling up the place who said they'd dyno my car for $150.00 /hr. After hearing advice from you all, I'm in no hurrying to throw money away just to get stats on my car.

    MUCH Thanks to everyone! I'll let you know how things turn out tomorrow. :) - Mega
  17. I had mine done at a local Ford dealer here. I know the manager of the shop. The mechanic filled out the bill and the guy I know showed me how much the regular price is to have them put in at that dealership. Nearly $500!!! Way too high in my opinion. He gave me his price of $235. I bought the gears, bought the big rebuild kit that replaces all the bearings and everything else, and had the installation done for under $500. Needless to say I was happy.
  18. I'm in San Diego and things aren't cheap here.....JBA quoted me $580 for install of gears (including price of gears) or $320 if I brought them the gears. I thought that was expensive! Obviously, I was wrong! I had some baseline dyno pulls (3 pulls) done for $85. I thought it was worth it.

    Good luck!