~ $1,400.00 To Put In 4:10's?... <Swallows Hard>

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  1. Ford dealer should be last, and I mean LAST place you'll go to do any up grade on your car...or anything on your car unless its warrenty.

    But 1400bucks is still really high side evfen for dealers. Just for the ****s&giggle, I just called my local Ford dealer, and asked them how much will it be to swap ring and pinion, and I told them i have full install kit.
    they quoted me it'll be around 600bucks(which is high. I know).
    I also called my local mechanic, and they quoted 200bucks, and about 175bucks if I bring my own oil...
  2. was the JBA price also including a speedcal (120$) or custom chip (365$)?
  3. I bought my car w/ 4.10's but no speedo gear change(you need the speed cal thing) and called a couple of local places and tried to explain that it was just a simple unscrew/screw back in thing and I'd do it myself if I had a lift and the c-rings handy. All of them said "A cobra? well, you need to take it to a dealership." :nonono: Finally, I did. And they did it right away for $20, so not all dealer service places are the same.
  4. Vegas isn't cheap either. I called around and most were quoting around $450 without bearing replacement and $575 with. But I've spoke to some people that had theirs done at these places and some are now complaining about gear whine. So, I did more research and find the best recommended place in town and they want $580 without bearing replacement and $715 with. That's out the door. I only have ~47,500 miles on my car so I'm hoping no bearing replacement is necessary.

    I'll be doing the speed cal myself.
  5. No problem bro. I hate it when shops try to rip fellow stang owners off. Unless that $150 is for tuning too (which I doubt it is) tell them in a nice way that you'll take your business elsewhere. :nice:
  6. Orlando Speedway is one of the worst prepped tracks around. I can MUCH easier hook on the damn street. Its also smack dab in the middle of summertime, and the humidity is a killer. Lastly, I've only been to the track twice in my life. I've tried different launching techniques but I just can't get traction, even babying a launch at 2k rpm. No matter what technique I try, I can't gain full traction until I shift into 3rd.

    My trap speeds are there, but a bad track + humid weather + newbie driver + cobra = bad times. When it cools down in the fall I know i'll run better. I know the potential is there, becuase of my experiences racing others.

    To put things into perspective, a bone stock 2k2 lightning I ran against ran a [email protected] with a 2.3 '60. A 2k 5spd GT bone stock down to the 15" rims ran constant 14.6-14.8's @94-96mph. A LOUD LT1 trans am ran a [email protected], the '03 Cobras were running low-mid 13's @104-107mph, and the ricers were running 17's+. The I raced ALL of those cars and the only two cars that beat me was an '03 Cobra and a Supercharged built GT pushing 633rwtq.
  7. I'm paying 200 at Ford for ring and pinion install, and replacement of pinion and carrier bearings. :D

    Oh yeah, parts included :D.
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  9. Good news!

    Just called-up one place, and he wanted $850 to do the gears... And this was a performance shop. However, I located a 2nd place and asked--$475 with parts & labor! I'm in the ballpark! Now, I just need to figure out a way to leave my car overnight without the wife finding out so I can get the gears & exhaust done at the same time... Oh boy. :)

    Thanks once again for everyone's help and input! - Mega
  10. I just got my gears installed with a kit for $300
  11. HOLY FAWK!!

    I paid 200 for the local mustang mechanic to throw mine in...1400???in just labor?????????? that's crazy expensive
  12. If $475 includes tax then its a fair deal, and with the luck your having I say take what you can get! ;) Make sure the gears are Ford Racing brand.
  13. Yes, yes it is... :)

    And yes Craig, I'm at the point where $475 is something I'm very comfortable with considering what I've heard the past couple of days. LOL I'm actually going to hit the net and do a search for the lowest price (for the gear) I can find to try and lower that figure.

    - Mega

  14. Good call. Avoid any other gear (richmond, etc) except for Ford Racing. As long as you go with that brand your golden. I have researched and heard about other gears not being reliable like the FRPPs gears.
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  17. cost me 100 bucks CANADIAN, and that included the gear lube etc
  18. Yeah it took me a while to find a place with a decent price. Mine was just about 400 and all i supplied was the ring and pinion and a shim kit. it ended up going to 500 something because i changed out my differential too. Where'd you get yours at GDawg? i had mine done at Dan's Driveline. :nice:

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