1 5/8 Or 1 3/4 Longtubes

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  1. I have the stock block and stock heads on 95 302, and am wanting to go with a new exhaust setup for now, thinking about mac prochamer and mac long tubes but dont know what size to get 1 and 5/8ths or 1 and 3/4s and will be going with 2 and 1/2 collectors
  2. I wouldn't get macs. It's funny you posted this as I was just about to post the same question but pertaining to a 347. My macs rusted out pretty quick.
  3. Stock cylinder heads will be the deciding factor here. 1 5/8 headers get my vote. I honestly don't see any benefit in the long tubes with your application either. BBK makes a great product that is really reasonably priced. Look for a header that has a thick flange that is one piece across the entire length of the cylinder head. Mac products historically don't fit well and have not been known to last very long either. @85rkyboby in your case a 347 with aluminum heads will certainly benefit from 1 3/4 long tube headers!
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  4. MAC Long tubes are fine but make sure you buy ceramic coated headers. I've had 5 exhaust systems on my car and the MAC Ceramic 1-3/4" with 3" Collector / MAC 3" Prochamber / MAC 3" Catback is still going strong on 347 Stroker. I've done painted, chrome, stainless steel, etc.

    I had 1-5/8" MAC Long Tubes with 2.5" collector on my stock heads then installed them on my GT40X Aluminum heads. They were great for me but wish I had bought them in ceramic instead of chrome. They discolored to purple on the first start up.
  5. Did you ever have fitment issues @VibrantRedGT ? I have some macs on my current 302. I recently wrapped them, then upon re-installation they didn't fit. I had to bend them with a big ole breaker bar.
  6. No, mine bolted right up. Back in 1994 I bought MAC 1-5/8" Equal length headers in chrome and yes I had fitment issues. Before going 1-3/4" Ceramic I had a 2.5" system with 1-5/8" MAC Long Tubes in Chrome and they bolted right up too.
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  7. For 85rckyboby, my suggestions are different between a Foxbody and an SN, because they are two different headers, so this doesn't apply to your car. I always think longtubes are a good investment, even with stock heads. I would do the BBK 1519 header which is a 1 and 5/8." I have never had a set of Mac headers that fit right or didn't eventually warp. You have to bend the EGR tube a little to get them to fit. You can still run the ProChamber, you just have to bend it a little. Last time I did a set of 1519s I had to bend the BBK X-pipe to fit anyway. You also have to adjust where the AC liquid line mounts to the inner fender or the headers will melt it. It's an easy mod.

  8. Ah, my fault didn't even notice the 94-95 Specific Category.