$1,500 to spend.......advice?

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  1. It's tax time, and after paying some bills off, I will have an extra 1,500 left to "invest" in my mustang. It's an 87 lx 5.0 and it has the subframe connectors, underdrive pullies, and an accel supercoil. What mods do you recommend I do. The car is in need of an entire interior, and paint job. Other than that it's pretty solid. Any responses would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Well, GEARS definatly and a track-lock rebuild while you are in there. Some new ulpolstry and carpet with the other new interior parts wouldn't be a bad idea.
  3. Depends on what you want to do first, looks or performance. I would do some gears and full exhaust with long tubes. Then start picking away at you're interior. Good luck.
  4. My vote is for gears and interior

  5. If you are after fast 1/4 mile times.
    Stock motor???
    3.55/3.73 Gears, 26x8.5" slicks, a NEW aftermarket posi unit like a Powertrax, FRPP alum DS, a good cat back exhaust [or spend $40 instead of $250-300, and ditch the stock muffs & install straight pipes in place which will give the same gains], leave the stock H for now if you have emissions in your state, some cheap used shorty headers [or port stockers] 65 mm T body, and a 255 l/hr fuel pump [if you feel you'll be doing more work later engine wise - if not just get a 155L pump - cheaper].

    Buying the above i'm guessing [rough estimates] should leave you enough to pay someone to install the gears and locker unit. Car would be a very high 12 / low 13 if driven hard with that stuff and still be smog legal and very driveable & fun.....

    If the paint is at the point where it needs it now or there wont be anything left in a year, mods can wait and i'd do the paint job and interior.

    What do you want more or what does the car need more? Speed, or paint job and new int.?

    Good luck.
  6. right now it probably needs the paint and interior first.
  7. You said it bro, its your duty to preserve that beauty. When the cars in a state of decay? Speed last. Restoration first :nice: ONLY THEN, if you have any $ left! :spot:
  8. Get 3.55's 150., pro 5.0 shifter 170., tokico struts/shocks adjustable with coil springs kit on ebay $5-600.,65mm tb,egr,230, x pipe off road,150. Use stock catted for smog check,flomaster mufflers,100.Used isn't always bad either but ask the seller how long it was used,etc.This should make a diff.in power and handling.Next tax return you can get used aluminum heads and and an intake,maybe a cam.
  9. I'd do exhaust and gears. Gears are a must that was the last mod I did should have been the first. Then get it painted and tint the windows so the interior is not as noticable. What do you need in the interior? I dyed alot of my interior looks almost brand new. You'd be surpised how good it comes out just hand scrubing the seats and carpet.
  10. all i have to say is, i'd rather race a rust bucket than drive an all show and no go 'stang.
  11. yea once i get my 1500 which will be in a month or two. well for 1500 you could get ported lower, ported heads, cam, 65mm tb, 73mm maf, 190 fp, adjustable fpr. all that added up to $1667 so its a little bit more than 1500.
  12. I vote for go fast stuff.

    Gears, thumper heads, cam, shifter, MAF. Theres a 12s slip with traction.
  13. I vote for some twisted wedge heads 24lb/hr injectors and a maf meter to match. Get the really good but expensive stuff out the way first. Then get a systemax lower and leave the cam for now. Then get to the exhaust. I know some of you think this is bass ackwards but I like to buy the expensive stuff first and get it out the way and build around it. And with twisted wedge heads you get the big valves that will work with the stock valve reliefs :D. If you want to paint it then you should scuff up the paint yourself and have macco spray it for you... Good, cheap and sprayed right :nice:.
  14. AMEN to that brotha. I would rather have steel rims, a flat black paint job and haul a$$ than a show queen with a 4cyl or a stock 5.0.

    Dont get me wrong, I love a beautiful car. I am in the same situation with my race car. Paint is decent. As long as it is not rusting away, I am going to add hp and suspension. I may never paint the thing.
  15. Definitly Gears,thumpers,and a t-moss lower intake!!Get the paint job next year.And pick up pieces of the interior little by little over the next year! We 5.0 stangers have the need!!! THE NEED FOR SPEED :nice:
  16. Damn, I guess Im out :( . Im just happy to have a nice car and determined to keep it nice. If somethings rusting, broke or worn I'll work on that before going faster.
  17. No biggy,to each his own I always say!!
  18. I disagree completely...know your priorities and avoid the all too common comment "your stang is a POS!" :nice: :flag:
  19. I love the your stang is a POS comment :D gives me an excuse to destroy the pretty car. The boyfriend driving has to explain to his girlfriend why my POS just destroyed his *insert flashy car here* "It may not be pretty but it's got it where it counts" -Han Solo :nice:
  20. I have to admit...

    Myself, I'd rather have something that has a so so to worrn out paint job w/ maybe a rust spot or two that was fixed and matched up with a spray bomb... as long as the body itself is 'solid'.... that runs like a scalded ape, instead of a car looks totally show quality, but runs high 14s.

    However, I give big :hail2: when I am out cruising the local area and I see some of the Stangs around here... and they just could not look any nicer, any cleaner, and and when you see 'em roll by you're like :nice: Them guys spend a lot of $$ and go to great pains to make them cars look the way they do.

    My one buddy Jasons 86 GT Vert comes to mind... but its both fast and nice. Gun metal grey with a ton of metallic, [very pretty paint] black trim throughout, 17" chrome Cobra Rs, 2 1/2" cowl hood, some sort of rear spoiler. It runs too.. 13.11 @ 111 MPH on regular [NON drag] radials, with stock 87 bottom end, B 303, untouched GT 40 heads, Cobra intake, stock injectors, stock FPR, 255 fuel pump, 70mm T body, 76 MAM, unequal shorties, Mac off road H & cat back, 4.10 gears. The car always is the nicest looking car whenever we all get together at the hangout in a Fri or Sat night... I dunno how he keeps it SO clean and shiny.

    I like to have both types [the mean a$$ 12s and quicker] junkyard dawg cars that will tear you a new one, and the pristine show cars driving around, as well as the show cars like Jasons [heavy] convertible that trap 111 MPH with such a mild motor and one of them "junk" alphabet camshafts.

    I just dont care about looks as much as I do kicking someone elses azz when everyone in our group decides to head out to Rd. 37 at 1:30 am :shrug: