$1,500 to spend.......advice?

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  1. The way I look at things...a 302 motor is very reliable and is not a slow turd either...with that said priorities should be itemized to avoid the notoris POS comment...seriously why would anyone spend A LOT of money to make a Rust Bucket fast??? The fun factor? I guess...but I'd rather be all show no go cuz at least the car still stays in value...this sort of reminds me of a kid I saw over the summer...he had the basic bolt ons and a cam but his driver seat was so fcuked up it just totallly reclined itself hitting the back part on the rear seat and was literaly out of the floor...the kid looked like such a stroke when he drove it but he'd rather have a faster mustang and sit on the floor than get a new seat...
  2. What would you rather have a Mustang with nice carpet or a mustang that will lay the smack down on someone that is not expecting it.

    I personally love BEATING up on higher priced, newer, and nicer looking cars. My car is in great shape. I am lucky. I bought it that way. It's easier to keep something in good shape than it is to restore something.

    Get the go fast stuff. Pick away at the cosmetic stuff. Search the classifieds for cheap restoration parts. I wouldn't go spending 1500 on new stuff. Make your car WALK THE WALK.
  3. But the look on the guys face in the SHOW QUEEN car is PRICELESS when you tear by him with smoke flying off your tires. That's what it's all about.
  4. Would you rather have a HOT girl that lacks the brains...or have a girl with brains that lacks to looks? In his case $1500 won't do enough to be the fastest car on the street...faster yes...either way it won't make his car the most desirable car either...Not sure sure on the condition of the car...sicne paint alone is $3000+...but I'd rather cure the RUST than watch it spread. I suggest fix what needs fixin first...need interior parts get those...then spend the rest on gears and full exhaust...
  5. ...i think the problem is that you never had to deal with a POS stang before...maybe if you did our views may coincide. The real question is how well does the POS body handle the power provided by the drivetrain...
  6. Depends on what you call a hot street car.....nice looking or fast. Anyway it don't matter.

    I don't know if you guys have seen this as it is posted on a thread elsewhere....but I almost shat in my pants. My girlfriend ( gorgeous and smart - not that it matters) is still laughing on the couch.http://patrick.fm/video/www.kicken.com-snowtowcar.wmv
  7. Well, at least I have a few allies :D I say preserve the stang rather than make attempts to add on an extra 2.5 " to the wiener! LMAO Ok, just goofin'. Seriously, I would like to see alot of the foxes still around in the years to come. Why fcuk them up? Save the fox! Me? I'll take a loss in a race, you think my woman will think any less of me? Um no. Will she move on to the "hunk" in the LS1 for beating me? Um no. because she - like most women really doesnt care
  8. Found an almost complete interior yesterday for 100 bucks! Out of an 85 gt, will use it all but the carpeting, dash, and console. That leaves me with some extra cash!!!!!!!!! Maybe I'll pick up one of the ported lowers, and see if that does anything. Thanks for all the replies. I might also pick up a new radiator, some 3.73 gears (it's an aod) and rebuild the trac lok. Forgot to mention I put a catback on it last year. The body is solid needs to be bead blasted and painted though.
  9. I say get a good set of brakes. They will make going fast more fun.

  10. The "car" is only a vesel for the engine m'friend. Believe me, if the average car guy could sit on the back of a trany with an axle bolted behind it and an engine in front and drive it to a 10 second ET, he would. Dont get me wrong about my 'rust bucket' comment, 'cause there are limits. Right now to be totally honest, my driver's side seat is missing both of the left bolts that hold it to the floor, so it's really funny you made the comment about that kid's seat, cause when i hammer it, then slap it into second, i nearly fall backwards. I think it's a total laugh riot. Would i love to have a nice racing seat, or even replacement bolts? Sure why not? (the bolts are on the way) but if it werent for the bolts, i'd have to suffer before i spend hundreds of dollars on a seat, rather than to make my car faster.
  11. highbred stop busting his balls. thats his opinion.
    I am for the mix of the two cosmetic and power options.
    I would go for a good intake, and full exhaust, and fix up my interior with the rest of the money...
  12. Originally Posted by 85_SS_302_Coupe
    all i have to say is, i'd rather race a rust bucket than drive an all show and no go 'stang.

  13. LOL!!! I hope that wasn't you that I saw...unless you were in IL over the summer!!! No but seriously, I know it is more fun to drive a modded car but I'm just a perfectionist SOB so everything has to be top notch especially when it comes to cars...and women. :nice: