1.6 Rollor Rockers Adjustment?

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  1. Can you tell me how you guys do your adjustment? I have to set a new motor and I think I over tightened them. Did all the things your surpost to do. Set the exhaust valve to opening then loosened the adjuster and then backed off the lock. Waited a minute or so, let the lifter bleed up. Adjusted the nut till the rod started to get tight. Then a half of turn. I rechecked some I did by the feel of the rocker. At first they seemed way to loose. So I rechecked a few and restarted the procudure.. What Am I doing wrong? Sould there be any play side to side? Scorpion 1.6.
  2. Intake at full lift, set the exhaust. Exhaust at full lift, set the intake. Just move the pushrod up and down with your fingers as you slowly tighten the adjuster. At the point when the pushrod stops moving up and down, go 1/2 turn more, then lock down the set screw.

    Twisting the pushrod is one of the worst methods used.
  3. So do you mean full lift as full valve open? Not at valve starting to open? I thought if you push the rod your going to push the lifter?
  4. Yes full lift, but when each rocker is at full lift, you will set the rocker next to it on the same cylinder. That rocker will be up(valve closed).
  5. This method is incorrect. The cam needs to be on the base circle of the lobe in order to guarantee proper lash adjustment.

    Starting with #1 cylinder, turn the engine over until the exhaust pushrod just begins to move up. At this point you can adjust the intake rocker arm.
    After you have adjusted the intake rocker arm, you will now want to turn the engine over while watching the same intake pushrod that you just set, it will go full open and then begin to close. When it is almost closed, stop and adjust the exhaust rocker arm on that particular cylinder. By following this procedure, you are assured that both of the lifters are at the base circle of the cam and that there is no additional pre-load applied to them from cam lift at this point.
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  6. One of the best and easiest to understand videos on proper RR adjustment

  7. I was under the assumption that we are talking about stud mounted rockers, and now I'm curious as to what rockers the OP actually has
  8. Well I had a 50/50 chance so I spun the wheel. lol It would be nice if they would give some specifics in their question wouldn't it.
  9. Your method is no different than mine. Each will have the cam on the base circle. The base circle is not so narrow that it has to be in a precise area to set preload or lash.
  10. Depends asymmetrical lobe profiles can be tricky

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