1/8 mile or 1/4 mile times anyone?

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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering what times you guys are getting at the track. This Friday I'm going to make my first run and i was wondering what the range I should be in. I know it depends on launch, track, shifts....act but I'm trying to get a base line. I'm running a steeda tune, steeda cai, and flow master axelbacks with 3.73 gears with stock tires. Any advice or insight will be appreciated.
  2. With almost exactly what you have i went 12.42 @ 114. This was on stock tires with 1.8 60' times. With et streets i went 11.98 @ 115. Friend of mine went 12.6 @ 110 totally stock. All in no less than 1200 da.
  3. Did you have to shift into 5th?
  4. No. Couldnt tell you rpm though. After the shift to 4th, i dont look at the rpm's
  5. You don't have to look at the tach to know when you bounce off the rev limiter. :D
  6. True. I think limiter was set to 7300. Not sure though. Never hit it.
  7. Nice! That's good to know. Mine's going to see the track for the first time on Friday and I had been thinking about whether I was going to have to grab 5th or not. It seems like it is really close because 4th seems to run out of steam right around 110.
  8. I tried to figure top speed in 4th before and with stock limiter i believe it was around 117 mph.
  9. the steeda tune tachs out at 7138 or somethin like that haha i havent hit it tho. so what do you think thatd be in an 1/8th ? Im pretty stoaked to know My car has the potential to be an 11 second car with some new tires!
  10. On my 11.98 run it was 7.70 @ 89.3 mph. My 1/8th mph varied between 89 and 91 depending on where i shifter to 4th.
  11. well with stock tires I should be around 8 if i get everything right. It'll be my first time a t the track so I know Its not gonna be the best. Thats pretty awesome tho! I amgoing to take my go pro with me so I can see what I do wrong and how Im shifting
  12. Amazing to see relatively stock 5.0/302 cars doing under 8 in the 1/8 and under 12 in the 1/4.

    I'll bet it hooked up like crazy with the upgraded street tires. Nothing like that feeling- it's scary how hard a car pulls when you hook up on the groove.

  13. I just took the 5.0 to a test & tune and didn't even come close to your stock times. The trap speeds were nearly there (112.xx), but my 60' times were abysmal. How were you getting away with 1.8 60'? I couldn't even get it under 2.

    Also, the amount of wheel hop I was getting was disgusting. I've never owned a Mustang, that was a foreign concept to me!
  14. My launch method on stock tires was to rev to 4500, fast slip of the clutch and not modulate the throttle until the clutch was fully engaged. Pulled consistent 1.8 60' times with this method.

    On a side note with the edition of longtubes and no cats I have gone 11.7 @ 119.5 mph on et streets
  15. axelback only mod i did 12.802 @ 113.5 on stock tires, 3.31 gears, mt, best 1/8th was 8.2xx @ awesome 90.5, same setup.