1.9 L engine problems Help please !

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  1. Whats up, I am currently working on a 93 escort with a 1.9. The engine was overheated because the lower radiator hose slipped off the engine & was not noticed by the driver. It then lost power and came to a stop. Now it will not start (turns over fast) had one burnt spark plug & here is the compression I got from it : #1=20 lbs, #2=10, #3=5, #4=10 then I put some oil in the cylinders and got #1=40, #2=15,#3=10,#4=25 What do you guys think the problem is ? Head gasket & head bad ? Thanks
  2. I think it's blown up aka junk.
  3. thats not good

    best thing i can tell you to do is try to turn the crank by hand and see if it will turn..... if not that motor is now a large boat anchor !

  4. The engine does turn over, I did a compression test. It actually turns over to fast like it has low compression. Its not seized, But I need to know if the head warped and burt the head gasket up at the same time. I want to beable to just replace the head and gasket and run it, But dont know if the lower end is junk. This is my dumb sisters car :rlaugh:
  5. Well, if you put oil in the cylinders and it raised the compression, I'd say the rings are trashed at the very least, probably the cylinders are all scuffed up too. Hard to say really but you're probably looking at a total rebuild there.

    Was the driver your sister? If so, I guess that explains how it wasn't "noticed." Women don't notice anything when it comes to cars :nonono:
  6. Yes is was my sister driving back from LA on the highway, she said she had her music on and the car started loosing power and so on, so I guess the motor is trash. Sux because my mom is now driving my jeep and my sister's driving her car. :(
  7. nah not trash, I did the same thing once (THE DAMN GAUGE WASN'T WORKING, OKAY) and it warped the heads, take it apart have head thoroughly checked by a machinist and replaced/milled as necessary, new head gasket...

    BUT I don't know why the compression is so crappy, wtf.
  8. oh and you should get rid of that sister so she don't break it agian, I'll take her off your hands
  9. Ya, I was hopeing to replace or repair the head & head gasket if that were the problem. The compression tester is brand new bought today. The compression will go way down if the head gasket is burnt up I thought & if the head were warped it would leak compression right ? There is no water in the oil and the car ran good before this happened.
  10. Like I said before- you've got at least somewhat of a problem with the rings and pistons, because putting oil in the cylinders raised the compression. If it was just the head gasket the numbers wouldn't have been affected. My Mustang overheated once and I was able to shut it off a few minutes later (was stuck in traffic at the time), and I'm pretty sure the head is cracked because there's no coolant in the oil, but the car burns coolant.

    If she drove the car long enough with no coolant whatsoever for it to shut off, it's probably f'ed.
    EDIT: Also, if the car was losing power, that's probably because there was way more piston-to-wall contact than there is supposed to be, i.e. probably some major scuffing going on in there. Bad stuff.
  11. Ya I think its toast, I am starting to look at some used cars for her. Anybody need a Escort for parts or a rebuilder pm me.
  12. Yea I really don't know about that compression, no way a motor is leaking air through a bad head gasket that fast, and the oil about doubled compression, I don't know what's going on with the rings but something ain't right. Even if you took the head off you still wouldn't get a look at the rings. SO get a replacement motor or car is what I would do if I did not want to pull the motor and take pistons out.

    All the same, just because the engine was run so hot that the pistons seized in the bores does NOT mean the engine is junk... Like I said, I did the same thing myself and it is fine now...
  13. ya I am not going to try and fix it because of my compression results. Thanks for all your help :nice: