1 Chamber flows installed

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  1. Well. yesterday I went to meineke to put on my non delta 1 chambers and took about 1hr and 30min to install becauuse of tubing differences. Well, when I started it up I was like damn. It put a huge grin on my face. I revved it up and let me tell you that these sound 5-6 times louder than 2 chambers. It sounds louder than an off road h pipe with flow 2 chambers. Everywhere I went by people were like looking at me like damn, that is [email protected]#king loud as $hit. I plan on putting an h pipe on next week. Thats going to sound bad ass. Thanks Y2K GT for helping me with the website you told me to go to :banana: :flag: :hail2:
  2. Steeda,

    I thought the 1 chamber Flowmasters were strictly custom racing muffs, that had to be special ordered. Also are they considered "street legal".

    Next...tell me were I can get em too :)

  3. I order them from BARNETT PERFOMANCE. www.barnettperformance.com

    Dude you will love these they are loud as $hit. You have to go to the website to get the number because the website dosent tell you much. The catalog is free. I got them for like $68.00. Im not sure if their street legal but I dont care about that just dont get the delta flow. Trust me bro youll love them. :flag: :banana: :hail2:
  4. How does it sound at idle? :)
  5. A little louder than 2 cham at idle, but watchout people will be running for cover when you stomp on it. You will feel so happy knowing that people know your presence has arrived.
  6. Steeda,

    Do I need to go get under the car and measure my offset or does that shop know what to order for a 2002 GT. I think mine is offset out, but cant remember if the in pipe is offset or not.
  7. Oh Steeda..most important, do you still have the classic Flowmaster rumble or with the single chamber is more like the MagnaPack(glass pack) raspy sound??

  8. Well our stock piping is 2.25 the ones I bought were 2.5, the closet I could get to stock piping. And these are center both ways, not offset offset. The technician had to turn them just a little bit, but they fit fine under my car. The sound is heavenly sound like flows and packs mix together. Go for it and dont get the deltas. I was so happy that they were still selling these with out the delta flow :flag: :hail2: :banana: :banana:
  9. You gotta get some soundclips up when you get the H-Pipe on. My exhaust set-up isnt loud enough for me anymore... and when I get LTs I might switch everything lol.
  10. I wish I could but I dont have a digital recorder. But I know its going to be loud.
  11. I thought most people didnt' get the 1 chamber flows due to the "headache" factor?
  12. Well aparently the noise dosent bother me but some people can take it and some cannot but you wont regret any moment with them.Youll be so happy
  13. As long as your happy with it that's all that matters. I'm actually curious to hear it in person just for the sake of it.
  14. If I could I would put a sound clip up. I think you would fall to your knees just hearing how loud it is.
  15. I've been running my drink cans (basically about the size of them) for about a year now, and I don't regret them 1 bit !! They are street legal here in Virginia, but I couldn't say as far as everywhere else. We have an underpass here where I live and DAMN it scares the hell out of ya when you go through it at full throttle !! Sounds like a Big Block Dragster coming up beside you with his headers right at your drivers side window. They're great !!
  16. Same thing here to. When I go under a bridge I was like [email protected]#K THIS IS LOT ITS LIKE THUNDER COMING FROM UP ABOVE WITH FURY
  17. DITTO......... :D I love 'em !! :nice: And the good thing about it is that everyone doesn't go that route because it's hard to find them anymore.

  18. You Damn right bro. I would talk some more but got to go to work now sucks :bang:
  19. yeah those 1 chambers sound badass. The only ones that dont like them are the mustang kids who rice up their cars. That's why they go with the magnapacks. Later.
  20. I got single chambers and I love mine! Haven't seen anyone else with em and I get comps on it all the time. Gotta love the bridges and driving down the city. No trouble from the cops either!