1 Chamber flows installed

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  1. Just be careful if you're not running cats, because they can use the loudness that the one chambered Flows alow to pull you and check your exhaust line !!!
  2. Whats this talk aboutr delta flow 1 chambers??? I dont think there is such thing..

    The only thing i see on summit and flowmasters website are the Delta FORCE 1 chamber mufflers that are FLO-325108

    10 Series Delta Force, 2 1/2 in. center inlet/outlet, 1-chamber muffler

    Nowhere can i find any single chamber mufflers except that are listed as delta force... Arent Delta force mufflers flowmasters race line of mufflers??

    Can you tell me the part number on your mufflers.. If that match the one i listed... Im thinkin about buying single chamber flows today and i dont see origional ones ANYWHERE but are listed as delta force.. not delta flow

    Thanks Joe
  3. 01bullitstang....please...never talk again
  4. bah i love my super 40s :hail2:
  5. How about getting some sound clips posted. I've got the dual chambers but have thought about the single chambers with a bassani X. I'd like to hear these things.
  6. Just about everything you would want to hear.. :D

  7. How do you like them? I've got the standard 2 chamber mufflers right now and when I do my headswap, I'm planning on doing LT's, Dr. Gas O/R X, electric cutouts and perhaps the Super40's. How do they compare sound wise to the standards 40 series flows? any noticeable performance difference? Probably not much.

  8. LOL you think its loud? :rlaugh: Wait till you get the off road H-Pipe. :D I have a off road h pipe with 1 chamber mufflers made to a side exhaust. Now that crap is loud. I'm sure yours won't be as loud since you have pipes all the way to your bumper. I get pulled over a lot for the exhaust but owell i love it. O if you really want it to be loud as hell get turn downs. Well i wouldn't do it honestly because everything in the car will shake and it will be to loud.
  9. "yeah those 1 chambers sound badass. The only ones that dont like them are the mustang kids who rice up their cars. That's why they go with the magnapacks. Later."


    What are you talking about so i am ricer now because I have mangapacks??
    All i know is that i get people everywhere telling me how good the packs sound.
    so yeh don't speak again :notnice:
  10. Some sound clips would be appreciated (not from mustangexhaust.com)
  11. Volldamort,

    That is "HANDS DOWN, THE BEST" avatar I have ever seen.
  12. sound clips? :D :D

    mustangexhaust = :(
  13. Congratulations Man. I know the first time i started my stang up after the install i was like :eek: :eek: ... I went and filled my stang up and rode around for a few hours b/c i couldn't get enough of the sound... well, glad i could help another member out.. :cheers:

    p.s.- that price on those were really good.. trust me i checked everywhere.. most ppl wanted 80-115 a piece for them ..
  14. Yep when i had my 2002 GT I put 1 chambers on and absolutely loved them. i loved when people would just turn and stare. It was the loudest damn thing I had every heard on the streets but i guess that might be because I also had LT's and a OR-H pipe. Overall I loved them. but the "drone" on the interstate would always give me a BIG headache so I tried to stay off the interstate.
  15. Well I know what mufflers I'm gonna use when I get my X pipe now lol

    I'm gonna be installing the Xpipe in my driveway with a few very knowledgeable freiends.. Should I get the flows welded in before or after?
  16. sounds like a good time to change my 2 chambers now!!!!

    Ive never had the chance to hear the 1 chambers in person but i was told that they dont sound good at the higher RPM'S??? If you could rate them in difference compared to the 2 chambers and also to the magnapacks I just might have to pick up a pair!!!!

  17. I have a video of mine but i dont have a way to host it :(
  18. Someone host this guy!!

    Nice avatar BTW :rlaugh:

  19. Nothing compares to the mufflers... at higher RPM'S... if u closed you eyes briefly u would think you were in a Nascar. These things scream and i love mine :worship:
  20. Don't. You'll regret it on a street car. 2 chambers are bad enough with the drone. Plus, there's nothing like a 14sec street car sounding like it should run 9's :rolleyes: