1 Chamber flows installed

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  1. what do u guys thinck it would sound like on a 6 cylinder
  2. I think im going to buy them...im just not sure if the exhaust shop could weld them into my catback. I have Flowmaster A/T catback right now and its offset in and offset out. The one chambers only come in center in and center out. Anyone know if an exhaust shop could do it without changing the whole catback???
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    so what do u thinck 1 chambers will sound like on a v6 mustang with my setup[ iif i replace the flowpath with 1 chambers
  5. I have 2 chambers with the Mac Prochamber. This summer I am going with 1 chambers and hooker shorty headers with the welded prochamber does anyone have any ideas on the sound of that???/???
  6. I couldn't imagine going to 1 chamber Flows :jaw:

    My set up is pretty damn loud and it gets plenty of attention! Just my opinion, but I'd reconsider the 1 chamber plan :shrug:
  7. C'mon! Who has a sound clip?! :bang:
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  10. I got the same 1 chamber flows on mine with a Magnaflow X-Pipe, & they sound good together. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
    At first I had the X-Pipe with the 2 chamber 40 Series, but I didn't notice a difference in sound from the stock set up. So after a couple of days I had the muffler shop swap it out for the 1 chamber Flows. I'm not sure what series he installed though.

    I still want them deeper sounding though. How can I get that deeper tone? Should I change the Magnaflow X-Pipe out?
  11. What happens if a cop decides to pull you over due to exhaust and looks under the car to find no cats? What can he do to you? BTW I live in Tx, no SMOG here.
  12. Glad I found this thread. I have the SLP catback now. The muffler shop told me that I couldn't run once chambers because of the offset. He said they would not fit under my car (2003 GT). Do you have to modify anything for them to fit? If not then I am ordering some tonight.

    He told me they would have to be offset on both ends to fit a mustang.
  13. The only thing he had to modify was the diameter of the tubing to fit the muffler. The muffler had a 3" diameter.
  14. So you didnt have to bend the muffler any? I didn't know if it would hit any lines under the car or not.
  15. He did had to bend some piping in there to get it to somewhat fit.
  16. Here's a blurry picture of the guy welding it in. I took it with my cell phone & + it was taken at night. Hopefully it gives you somehwhat of an idea.

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  17. I know my Bassani O/R X-pipe was LOUD with 2 chambers, i could just imagine the 1 chamber mufflers. I think i'm going my own LOUD route when i get my next stang...Bassani Street Competition Catback, Bassani O/R X-Pipe, Longtubes :nice:

  18. :cheers:
  19. So you want louder than your current SLP setup? Just swap in an Offroad pipe and you'll be louder than any 1 chamber Flow combo I guarantee you that, anyon else agree?...unless you already have an offroad pipe with your SLP...and if you want louder than that, then my friend you are crazier than me in the sound category :nice: