1 Chamber flows installed

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  1. I kinda agree in terms of sounding a lot meaner than the car actually is. If you want to sound really loud, then by all means, but isn't it a little like the ricers who make their cars sound very loud to make up for the lack of actual power (of course the difference here is that their "loud" sounds like crap compared to 8 cylinders). I'm not 100% satisfied with the sound level of my car and plan on getting an MRT catted H to wake it up, but I'm thinking that I may want to add a supercharger under the hood to add a good punch to it beforehand to avoid any embarrasing situations.

    Just my .02 :)
  2. hey bud 1 chambers are a six inch long center in and out muffler in 2.5 or 3 inches. i had them welded in the stock catback and they just angled them some, depending on the slp you may be able to just remove the resonators and have them welded in. this thread is making me miss my one chambers, they are in a buddys closet waiting to go on his stang when he gets it. spintechs sound good too,
  3. so are these legal or not for smogchecks in ca?
  4. I currently have 2 chambers but will be swapping to 1 chambers soon. I really like the nasty sound :shrug:
  5. I have two chambers also! I love the roar! :nice:
  6. I thought that running 1 chambers with o/r x or h wont give you enough backpressure and could damage your engine as well as lose power?
  7. Im thinking about getting 2.5 series 40's, but the tubing on my 96 GT is too small. Since I have a 2.5inch xpipe. What would I have to do?
  8. email me your video i will host it for you
    pm sent
  9. I agree

    BTW...>GET A SOUNDCLIP UP ASAP!! :banana:
  10. NO, thats pretty much if the piping is too large in diameter, like 3" pipes all the way back
  11. I'll host a good video or sound clip for someone if anyone's got a clip of one chambers on a stang!!!
  12. Holy crap this is an OOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDD thread! :eek:
  13. so installing a 1 chamber setup on a slightly modded car wont damage valves or lose power?
  14. I second this :stupid:
  15. Of course not

  16. Right now I have stock midpipe with the SLP catback. On my old stang I had o/r H pipe, 2 chamber flows, and long tubes and it sounded so mean. I really miss the old flowmaster sound, which is why I wanted to go with the one chambers. I have heard a car with the SLP catback and a o/r X pipe and it sounded loud, but not the sound I liked really.

    If anyone has some good pics of one chambers installed, please post them so I can get an idea or maybe show it to the muffler shop.

    Plus they are doing the sniff test the first of the year here, so I got to keep my cats. So I want the loudest setup I can get with cats.
  17. For those of you who already have the 1 chambers installed on your Stangs, what combo do you have with them (o/r x or h or maybe even stock). Also, do you consider them being loud, deep toned or both. I don't really have nothing to compare against so I can't really tell. I'm after the signature stang deep growl.
  18. Gotcha!