1 Ea, Offroad X and Offroad H 05-09 GT

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  1. 1 Each, Off road X and Off road H 05-09 4.6
    Like the title states I have.
    1) Off Road X Pipe
    1) Off Road H Pipe for sale. These bolt up to the factory manifold.
    Brand unknown, both less than 6 months of use, excellent shape/condition.
    Your choice: $120.00 plus shipping. I'm old school so I will eat the PayPal fees (the way it should be).
    Pics if ya want, PM me. After all, they are metal tubes.

    I am not a regular here, I am, a regular on the S197 Forum and my eBay name is the same with a perfect rating.
  2. Pics added

    I am no photographer. Here are some pics.
    X pipe 1 piece unit on left pic
    H pipe is multi piece on right

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  3. what would the H pipe cost shipped to 17350?
  4. Shipping

    I will take $140.00 shipped, let me know.
  5. h-pipe still for sale?
  6. Both pipe's SOLD !
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