$10,000 2.3 On Cl

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  1. I remember some talk about what a 2.3 Fox is worth or will be worth . But 10grand and in these days ? I don't know . http://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/4130679207.html How can people sell cars for these can of prices with out any pictures . I've seen some crazy cars come up for sale recently on CL . Like a 25 year old 4 door mom and pop car with only 3,174 miles . Where did they go , to the mail box ?
  2. He has to know he'll never get $10k for it, but it's definitely worth some money assuming it is rust free as the ad makes it sound. The Fox Mustang is starting to come back in popularity for restomodding and finding one rust free and unmolested is probably a hard task. No one ever pays asking price so if he started at what it might be worth (say, $5k) he'd probably get ripped off by Richard Rawlings lol.
  3. He must have looked at highly modded or restored 5.0's or bigger and thought he could get that .
  4. I saw someone locally (I think it was a dealership which kinda explains it) selling a '92 or '93 2.3L auto vert with relatively low miles for $5000. I don't know who would ever pay that, because decent 5.0's usually go for that price around here.
  5. Saw an '88 GT Vert at a dealership advertised in the local Kijiji a couple of years back. Had the original window stickers and only 200km on the odometer.....$23,000. :eek:
  6. I see plenty of nice vert's starting around $2200 . 5.0 or 2.3 , doesn't affect the price much but the 5.0's are much better looking usually .
  7. I've found over the years a clean hard top or unmolested coupe bring the most money. 4 banger coupes are good for at least 4k here.
  8. A lot of these price increases are inflation related. These cars aren't gaining in value. 10 years ago a good clean fox was a $4000 car. Now that same car sells for $5k just because our dollar buys less now.

    We will see $10k fox bodies again....but not cus they gained in value
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  9. hah how 'bout
    my 1987 2.3L LX Notchback, one owner (me)
    all stock, Arizona car it's got the original struts (there's not a thimbleful of oil in em)
    only has 380,000 miles!
    sorry it's not up for sale, I'm sellin' my 1992 1/2 vibrant red limited edition "Summer Special" feature car