10.5 Rims Worth The Hassle And Work?

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  1. Gotta chance for a set of fr500s 17X9 and 17X10.5 but from what I have read, the 10.5 are a pain in the arse to throw on there. I have ford B springs and most the supporting hardware for the 5 lug. I currently have a set of 17X8 bullitts in the garage but I like the look of fr500s more.

    I am debating on whether to buy the fr500s and sell off the bullitts I have. Just not sure I want to deal with the modification to put the 10.5 on there. opinions?
  2. not really that much hassle. just have to remove quad shocks and roll quarter lips. i have 17x10's on my car and there is plenty of room for another 1/2".
  3. What tire size you plan on running? Might make more sense to go with a 17x9 or 17x10 if not too wide.

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  4. From what i see fr500 dont come in 17x10. Ill run what ever fits. Like a 285 295. Long as jt looks right and doesnt rub
  5. I will say not all cars seem to be built equally. I've rolled my lips and have factory length axles/rear end, but my tires always rub. I'm running 16 inch ARE's with I believe 255/50s on back. I supposed offset/back spacing have a lot to do with it, but these are pretty typical rims for a Mustang.
  6. I would agree with that. I love the look of fr500s and dont mind rollingg fenders but i wont mini tu. and dont really want to beat on the inner fender well. Plus i already have some stock bullitts that would look nice on there
  7. Anyone else with experience on 10.5 rims fox stock length axles and tire size that wont rub but fit the rim ?
  8. A buddy of mine has these on his LX and it actually went pretty smooth. I believe he has an 04 break set up so the front rim stuck out a little so to keep things in line he added a 1/2 spacer in the rear. Rolled fender lip, quad shock and he installed a set of flow master 3" tail pipes that created a little more room. He has a 286 on there now which looks surprisingly good considering the 10.5" rim, but with the re-routed tail pipes he wants to go 305 or 315.
  9. I'm running 94-95 front spindles and due to the history of spacers on this board, i will never run them.