$10,900 2003 Mustang Mach 1 : Good deal??

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  1. A local dealer is selling a metallic gray '03 Mach I for $10,900

    Here are the details:

    2003 Mustang Mach1 : $10,900
    102,000 miles
    new tires
    Shaker hood
    double overhead cam
    after market exhaust
    excellent condition

    Does this sound like a good deal? I've been looking for a 5-speed GT, but I saw this Mach I that happens to be a 5 speed.

  2. If it's in good shape, then yes it's a good deal!
  3. I wouldn't pay that price, offer them at least 2 grand less, see where they are on it. The dealership I bought my 2000Gt from with 60k on it was asking 10,900 for the car. I walked out the door for 7200.
  4. Not bad, it's probably a DSG Mach which is one of the better color options imo. Sounds like the only thing that isn't stock is exhaust. I would say about a grand less would be a good deal. The miles are just a little too high for that price for me but if you think its worth it then it is.
  5. I think you could get it for a flat $10K or even the high $9's. Not sure what you can afford. Depends on what satisfies you. For $2K more you could get a Mach with half those miles, easy. Not saying a 100,000 mile Mach can't look cherry, but (to me) the less miles means it had thousands of less beat-on miles before you took ownership. If your a decent mechanic, then it's a moot point.
  6. Thanks for advice everyone! I think that if I could get it for 9k flat, then it would be a good deal.
  7. Even with the high miles, remember it is a collector car, which is something that costs money. A comparable GT will always be less. 9K is a good starting spot, but probably more aggressive than a dealer will go if you're financing. Cash in hand always carries its own weight.
  8. What is your location?

    Ever notice how when you attempt to find a car value on KBB it asks you for your zip code? The car market varies from location to location.

    In western PA, a 60,000 mile Mach 1 seems to go for $12,000 to $14,000. The price of the one you are looking at seems about right, but I would save for one with less miles.
  9. I also agree with the majority here. I think if you could get the car for 9k you'd be getting quite a deal. However, I feel that even if you paid 10k for it that'd still be a decent deal.
  10. people are paying 7500-9 k for GT's I think its a good deal