10 feels like 20lbs.

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  1. my car doenst feel right 10 and 20lbs feels the same, and i dont kown what the cause is?? :shrug: :bs: when it gets to [email protected] it sputters. i got smoked by a stock vr6 jetta. and the HP the LA3 puts out is about 20 more HP than a VR6. whats gives?? my car just slows down a 4K and doenst pull as hard. and if i do a 3k launch like in stingers video it doesnt come close to reving that fast. and the timing is at 10-11 with the spout out, and i can here a leaking noise when i get to 4K. could it be the head gasket blown between cylinders??im goin to do a compression test and check the plugs and gaps
  2. Well, sputtering means something in your ignition is failing. What kind of plugs and wires do you have? What's the plug gap? What do the plugs look like when you pull them? How old are the plugs/wires? Is the distributor cap dirty?

  3. motorcraft plugs, autozone style wires, gap at .025, plugs are all clean and white, plugs are about 2 months old wires i dont know, cap and rotor 2 months. i changed the coil. could it be the TFI
  4. Everything is nearly new except what I quoted above...what do YOU think the problem is? ;)

    Oh, and don't buy a set of "autozone style" wires...get motorcrafts or don't even bother getting new ones.

  5. you got it backwards. You want motorcraft wires, and autozone plugs. ;)
    like stinger said, replace the wires with motorcraft pieces.
  6. This is the part I'm wondering about, is this right ? I thought a 2.3T needs to be .032-.035 ish ?
  7. you are right, but I don't think a gap that is slightly narrow would cause a miss. If anything, it would bandaid a weak ignition system.
  8. .035 is stock...raise boost and you have to lower the gap.
  9. A leaking noise is usually a vacuum leak. You might wanna see if you've got any ratty lines. My latest xr4ti had loads of leaks when I first got it. All the vacuum lines looked original... it doesn't take much to go through and replace them all.