10 hole pony ?

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  1. they are 15inch rims but are they 15x7 or wat.. n wat she offset on the mustang???
  2. Dude you need to cool it with all these wheel posts. You can ask these questions in the same thread.
    They 10-holes are 15x7, the Ponies are 16x7, as I just told you on Car Domain. I'm not sure of the offset, I'm sure someone else here knows.
  3. i thought the 10 holes on the 2.3's were 14" while the 15" turbines where the optional wheels
  4. No, all 10-holes were 15" (and they came standard on 5.0 LX's from '87-93). Turbines came on GT's from '87-90. '91-93, Pony wheels were optional on LX's and standard on GT's.

    2.3's came standard with 14" steel wheels with hubcaps, or 14" "polycasts" were optional, and then 10-holes were optional above that but I don't know if they were available from '87-93 or what.