10 hole rims wanted

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  1. I've been checking the Stangent classifieds for a set of these, but if anybody on this forum has any for sale then I would rather buy from you. I only say this because you guys are more familiar and I'll support you before I support some 5.0 guy. :lol: Well, if anybody can help me out then let me know via PM or reply in this thread. Thanks.
  2. If no one pm's you, check out ebay...i think i saw a set of them a few days ago on there.
  3. I believe that a STANGGRRLY once had a set of those in the not to distant past. Maybe try to track her down, she is part of the 2.3 N/A.
  4. Thanks for the help so far. Woodster, the only problem with ebay is that I am up in Canada and ebay.ca doesn't have nearly as much as regular American ebay. I'll check anyway though, just incase he ships to Canada.
  5. StangGrrly's in Regina....;)

  6. I have a few ten-holes. I can't ship to canada, but would you pay my gas and hotel fees to deliver them? :D
  7. hey i got a set they are sitting on Kumho Ecsta P205/65 R15s but i dont know how i can get them to canada. I live in SC email or pm me me if interested.

    [email protected]
  8. I'll tell ya what. You deliver them directly to my door, and once you get back to Virginia I'll pay you for the wheels. Deal?
  9. WHAT!!!!!!!! I was there and YOU have a set of Ten holes. :mad:
  10. cant ship to canada? I hope you're just being sarcastic.

    Just sell the guy the wheels and use UPS. Hell, even the post office will ship parcel post to canada.

    Now...if maple syrup gets spilled all over them don't blame us.
  11. Have you checked your local paper, and junkyards? as these wheels are extremely easy to come by. Is there a mustang board for your area? I found a set, and picked them up for free off the GTAMC boards.

    Depending on the condition, but as long as they are relatively dent free, they are easy to restore.