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  1. Is it at all posible that we'll see the refresh this year as opposed to '10? Why would ford do a refresh for just 2 years of production? 2012 is gonna be a new animal right? I hate to buy the wife an '08 or '09 with the new bodystyle so close.Can someone explain the logic behind spending all of the r&d money for two lousy years of production? I'm beginning to lean twards a used c6 for her instead.
  2. Because GM and Chrysler are going to be rolling out thier new pony cars. Ford is doing this to try and steal some of the thunder. Smart move in my opinion.
  3. The C7's not far off and as far as I can see, the C6 is the ugly duckling of the Corvette line.

    For the Mustang to be successful, it has to keep selling. This means it has to stay in the public eye and regularly engage the public's imagination. Traditionally, sales tail off towards the end of the production run and there is only so much half a dozen special editions can do especially when dealers gouge the buyer on them. Things like Transformers and Knight Rider will help but ultimately buyers want something different.

    With an new Camaro and Challenger both packing hefty V8 capacity and gun power, the "old" Mustang needs more than just a few upgrades to compete against the new kids on the block who seem to be the new beastie boys in comparison.

    The Japanese and European car cycles are nearer 5 years anyway so keeping up with the times is all they're doing - although that's a paradox when you're dealing with a "new" retro design.

    Besides, it also gives Ford some market research for the new car - it will tell them whether the evolution is going the rightv way, the wrong way, what engine options are going to sell and which won't so when the new car comes along, it will be fresh, new and spot-on. Like the 05 was.

    If you follow your logic, the '69 Mustang and Camaros would never have made the cut and would have been the same as the earlier cars. It doesn't affect how desirable the 69's are.
  4. As far as I'm concerned, after seeing several of the Camaro's interior pics, it wouldn't suprise me at all if that car flops horribly. All those years to plan and that is what they come up with:shrug: :nonono:

    Remember the '94 & '95 Stangs? It was the first two years of the SN95 and got different tail lights from '96-'98. Very easy to do, but a change nonetheless. The same went for the New Edge models. After '99 & '00, they got a different rear spoiler and had the hood and side scoops added. The added touches to the '08 & '09 are barely more complicated as it involves interior enhancements and the glassback roof.
  5. WHAT? The C6 is the best looking Corvette ever. My opinion of course. It certainly looks better than the C5. The only other Corvette worth mentioning is the C4.
  6. Because Ford isn't doing the re-fresh, for just 2 years of production. And here's why.

    1. Your absolutely correct. There would be no logic behind Ford spending all that R&D money for just 2 lousy years of production.

    2. It would also make absolutely no sense, if Ford were to release an all new platform. Just 2 years before reaching the Mustang's 50th anniversary.

    3. I've recently spoken with someone, that's a very reliable source. Who has stated. the next major platform change, won't take place until 2014

    In which the all new platform, will launch either as a 2014.5 model, or 2015. Marking the 50th anniversary.

    That being said. The S-197 re-fresh, will be sticking around for the next 4-5 years :nice:
  7. Thank you, I knew there was no way ford would run a refreshed 197 for 2 years only. The wife likes the current car, so what the hell, she's gonna be driving it anyhow. I drive an ugly duckling, the interrior is light years ahead of a c5's. I love it, and like the way it looks. Thanks for the info.
  8. Was more than glad to help out Jimmy. :D