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  1. I just wanna know....does anyone out there have a 10 second V6 Mustang? I ask this because there is a guy driving around where I work, in a v6 fox that has plates that read 10 SEC CR.
    I cannot imagine that I would get plates that say that unless I could back it up.
    And before you throw any of the 'what if?'s at me, I will point out that it is DEFINITELY a v6. It has single exhaust (appears to be unmodified at all) and it sounds more like a struggling 4cylinder than a 6.
    So before I go asking him questions, I thought Id get some feedback....is it even possible?

    And is there a way for me to post a picture of the car in question?
  2. hmmmm....my car isn't completely done the way I would like and I"m running 13.5 with a convertible and a bunch of crap in the back seat and trunk. There's a guy on www.v6power.net who has a twin turbo setup and I think he's running mid to late 11's (not for sure) I know there's another guy on that site running 11.9 on a 95 stang coupe.
    The only thing is that the fox bodied stangs had really weak power in anything but the 5.0. I suppose it is possible to bring it down to 10 seconds....heck, I've seen honda's running 10's. I'd say with the car he's probably got it stroked quite a bit and it wouldn't surprise me if he's running forced induction......it's one of the few ways to get the power he would need to get into the 10's unless he's blowing smoke up your a$$
  3. Well, I could be overanalyzing his car, but here is what I was thinking.
    Its a V-6 first and foremost. Thats the biggest problem with the 10sec concept. BUT, I know that it IS possible. However, to get to 10sec you would have to have alot of stuff done. One of the most noticeable from outside the car would be the exhaust. His is unmodified, and single at that. From looking in the window, there are no visible indications of a boost gauge or any other gauge additions or mods. The wheels and tires are stock although they appear to be v8 rims. Also, the hood is stock. There is no sign of any ram air induction, no cowl induction. And when Ive heard the car running it sounds like a beat up Honda instead of a Mustang, least of all a 10 second car.
    I would like to believe that its nowhere near being a 10sec car, but I just cannot fathom why someone would put that on their plates if they couldnt back it up. But I have seen stranger things...like the Mark VIII that I saw a couple weeks ago that had Cobra emblems on the sides, and SVT on the rear. Figure that one out!!!
  4. LOL
    Unless it's a four-eyed Fox, it's DEFINATELY a 2.3 I4.

    If it is a V6 it would have to be a more modern version 3.8, or at least be using the same technology. And if anyone was going to go through all that trouble to drop it in a Fox body, why not s/c or turbo it?!! So to answer your question, yes it is possible. But most people would just turbo the 4, or drop a V8 in.
  5. Yeah, thats what I figured. And no offense to anyone who is driving a V6...but assuming that this guy is just a moron, I think Im gonna put a note on his windshield expressing my desire to see a demonstration from his 10sec performer....just because.
  6. Still assuming it's actually a 4-banger, and is probably stock, have you ever considered that it might be a joke?
    I mean after watching TF&TF, I got so tired of hearing about 10 second cars I wanted to smack every person I heard that said they had one. That or if they used the term NAWS.
  7. you never know, maby he has his 10 second mustang sitting at home and thats his craper car?
  8. this reminds me of how this one dumbass kid at work clamied his dodge spirit was turbo'd and had all this work done to it, and that it ran 10's. i looked under teh hood, nothing. looked under teh car, nothing. looked inside, he had an analog clock glued to the dash. so i set up a race between him and this kid with an I4 accord, and he got smoked

    what i dont understand is what kind of a moron it takes to be talkin shlt and bsing to ppl who work in an AUTO SHOP :nonono:
  9. Maybe its 10sec in the 1/8th mile?
  10. I thought about that too...but then again...is that good for the 1/8th? Would you advertise it? I just get irritated when I see things advertised that arent true...like the Mark VIII running around here with the Cobra badges and SVT on the rear end....or the silver "Mach 1" with the single exhaust and V6 rims. My roommate has a 2003 TRD Tundra...he said he should go buy some SVT Lightning badges and put them on....as a joke of course...but it would be about the same thing hehehe.
    Think Ill go get me some Lambo decals and the emblem for the hood...its a horse right? whats the difference...whose gonna know LOL!!
  11. If it's a non-V8 Fox and he does run 10's, I can almost guarantee you it's a 2.3T, not a 3.8.

  12. OR he has shoved a 3.8 GN turbo motor. Saw an artical in my friends buick mag that had a blue fox that ran low 10's. I know most of the people here dont like cross breeds, that that was a pretty sweet fox.
  13. Fastest 2.3t

    Cannot remeber correctly but the fastest 2.3t is low 8's(help me out Ashaman)? They are fast, but my friend has almost finished his 95 3.8ltr V6 turbo conversion and is expecting 13's. In the long run i think eventually if the 3.8 is given a decent aftermarket you should easily see one in the 10's.

    Anyways all mustangs rule! :flag:
  14. im not familiar with the V6 fox body mustang, i thought they only came in 4 cyl and 8 cyl.
  15. 10 sec 8th mile? highly doubtful he is doing that in the quarter lol the fastest i have seen was a stock 99 up v6 auto with tq converter and i belive, might not have had, gears and a twin turbo set up he pulled 11's with like 12 psi~
  16. 79-86 had V6's

    The production years for the V6 engines in the fox body were 79-86. But there were also the Australian inline 200ci V6 engines from 79-82 or 83. Some of the earlier(late 70's early 80's) V6 engines were made in Germany as well. Dont remmeber what year they started with the 3.8 V6 thou?
  17. lol that's ferrari. Lamorghini uses a bull.

    Why don't you ask the guy? Or race him? It sounds like a 4-cyl to me.
  18. Yeah, Joe Morgan's RWD 2.3T Focus 5-door is in the 8's. He can and does drive it on the street on a fairly regular basis, too. Jon Dell Blair's daily-driven SVO is making over 700 rwhp and runs 9's/10's. The 2.3T has much more potential than the Ford 3.8, from what's out there right now. Fastest 3.8 is in the 11's, last I heard. Naturally, we're talking about the Ford 3.8....the GM 3800 is a different story (can you say GN/GNX/T-Type?).


  19. He could be talking about his dirtbike. Honda makes the CR line. I know they drag the things. Not sure if it is a 1/4 mile though.

    Just a thought.
  20. Lol, sorry. You guys just reminded me of my mother. I was meeting her and my brother at the mall, and when they arrived they told me about this really cool car they saw. Claimed it was red and had a chromed horse. I just had to ask. "Was it a mustang? Cuz mine is red and has a chrome horse, and according to 'some' people, is a really cool car." They claimed it wasnt. So I told them that what they saw was a ferrari. They still wouldnt believe me untill I showed them a pic of the butt of one. Just makes you wonder about emblems though.