10 Sec V6

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  1. There's actuly a code to horses used as insighnias. I dont recall how the code is but it has to do with the position of the horse (running, prancing, etc.) and the direction it's facing. I think a prancing horse facing to the right (from it's perspective not yours), like Ferrari's, is supposed to symbolise a victorious warrior. I might be wrong thouh, and I doubt the mustangs horse has any signifgance to this code.
  2. Sorry, have to fix this.

    First off an inline six is not a V6.

    Second, the 200ci(or 3.3 as it was called in the 80's) offered in the fox was of a strictly Americn design. If there was anything Australian, about the inlines offered here, we would have been VERY lucky. The Australian inlines have detacheable intake manifolds that breathe much better than the integrated intake that the American inlines use.
    Even today, Ford of Australia is making inline 6's that can take on a 5.7 V8. I would love to see one of those make it into an '05 Mustang.
  3. Really? Cuz I see the reverse mustang logo everwhere. SMU, and many highschool's mascot is the mustang. And even though I never went to any of them, I sometimes want to buy their merchandise. Logo is identical to the ford mustang logo in every way, 'cept for one difference... ...its a mirror image. But I guess that could mean the same thing as ferraris, so what does the for mustang logo mean? Oh, and I though the ferraris horse was standing up on his hind legs, kinda like a reverse of the ford bronco logo.
  4. I know...that was part of the joke.
    And yeah, upon further "inspection" I believe it is a 4 cyl. And I asked him yesterday when I saw him getting in his car, if it was a 10 sec car. He responded with a quick 'no' and had a pissed off look on his face, and promptly left the parking lot. Guess my question is answered.
    Now I just gotta find the guy with the Mark VIII and ask him if its a Cobra hehee.
  5. i know a certain year mark came with the cobra motor in em? or was it the t-bird? i know one of those i wanna say 96 had a cobra motor in it? if i had one that had a cobra motor id put some friggin svt badges on it ,afterall it is a cobra motor.

  6. I had an Isuzu Impulse that had a Lotus suspension on it but I didnt put Lotus decals on it.
  7. suspension is one thing a motor is a whole nother? afterall what is the cobra without the engine? i mean you dont buy a cobra because of the suspension u buy it for the dohc stuck between the fenders not because of what spec the springs are.if you have a cobra motor that is made by svt then what is the big problem with puttin svt emblems on your ride? they did make your engine afterall. oh and by the way, you had an isuzu impulse HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA!!!!!! sorry couldn't hold back.

  8. its personal preference that can be argued of course, some say if they have the peroformance level of a cobra that grants them the right to put on badges, after all they are just as fast or faster.... we can see a flaw in that much easier than we can by actually having the motor from a cobra in a car. I would ONLY deem it some what ok to put a cobra badge on a car that has the actual motor in it... but even then it just doesnt seem right to do so. I like teh running pony better than any of them though, take the mach 1 for isntance looks really good with just the pony on the side.
  9. Didn't they come with "Suspension by Lotus" badges? Not that it makes any difference. If it's got a Cobra motor I don't see a problem with cobra emblems. If not he's just a dork, who cares?
  10. Yeah I dont get it why they put a bunch of cobra emblems on these new cobras but no pony! Its a MUSTANG cobra not a cobra mustang! :notnice:

  11. Its got a pony on the front grill and the cobra embelms on the sides. I cease to see the problem :shrug:
  12. good thing is that I don't have any GT or Cobra emblems on the car.......

  13. For your information: The Marks' and other Lincoln/Mercurys that had that motor were a 4.6L DOHC motor, however, it was NOT the Cobra motor. Different heads, intake, and I do believe cams. Also, if you were to look at the DOHC in the Cobra, the intake faces the passanger side, whereas the other cars face the driver's side. So in fact, unless you'd want to be laughed at, don't put SVT badges on anything that is not an actual Cobra from SVT.
  14. omg dude what do u have ocd? ok its a dohc 32 valve v8 the exact same specs so what if it has different heads or intake. and it still had the cobra emblems on the side, so i would find it highly unlikely that someone would laugh if you put svt badges on it as im sure it was built at the same place as the cobra. anyway, the point i was making is the fact that it comes with cobra emblems on the side and the guy thought it was gay that someone would do that. so relax, pop some valiums and dont step on any more cracks there mr nicholson.

  15. different engine, different cars. the only thing that Cobra/SVT emblems belong on are actual Cobras. You could have a GT with an actual Cobra engine, trans, IRS, whatever, it's still a GT! It could have one million hp, it's still a GT (or in some cases, V6)
  16. I agree. You car is what it was originally, what it says on your VIN number, NOT what you want it to be or whatever. Thats like saying that since Michael Jackson bleached his skin, he's now caucasian. :rolleyes:

    Its EXACTLY THE SAME SPECS w/ different heads or intake. Umm, I guess that means my brother and I are identical twins, just born 3 years apart w/ different heights, eye colors, and face. Once again, illogical.

    Also, as far as I know, only SVT engines are handmade and signed by the builders as certified SVT. Therefore, if you don't have the plaque, your car is not SVT... NO MATTER WHAT.
  17. i need some tech advise for an 84 mustang V6. Can someone help?
  18. I agree.

    When it comes to classics, the vin is pretty much determines what the car is.
    If you want to build a car into something it's not, it's called a clone. But IMO, a clone should be equal or better than the car it's imitating before it can wear the badges(or in the case of GT350's, the stripes).
  19. You know, I'm going to be the odd one out and say that I fail to see the harm in putting whatever logo you want on whatever you want, IF that's your thing. I know quite a few Stangers around here that have gotten the Cobra ground effects on their GT and swapped badges. W/O looking under the hood, you would never know it wasn't a Cobra.(of course, they got the rims, etc. to complete the look. Very money and time consuming.) I've even seen 2003 V6's being passed off as 2001 Cobras. The owner thought "Hey, I've got the hood already...might as well go ahead and convert it." PERSONALLY, I'm not into adding logos. I've got a "3.8" logo on my decklid just so people know that, despite the dual exhaust and fogs, I'm not driving around thinking I"ve got a GT. All I'm sayin is, if it's ur thing, go for it..u have to drive it.....and you're going to have to deal with the criticism.
  20. [QUOTE='66 coupe]I agree.

    When it comes to classics, the vin is pretty much determines what the car is. [/QUOTE]

    I dunno, I'd hafta disagree. Saw a classic mach at an autoshow once. Because he restored it himself he kept a scrapbook of its progress. After seeing all that it went though maybe like 10% of it was a real mach. It was cool seeing how much work he put into the thing, he even took the vin and made it seem that it was the only one made, "out of such and such, such and such were made, out of those such and such were made, and so on.

    The only problem was, how many vins did he have to work with? he just chose the best one. Which, most likely, was the drivers front fender. Yeah, its an honest to goodness classic mach... ...but like 10% of one.