10 Sec V6

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  1. Are we talking turbo charged buicks like the GN's and GNX's ? If so the fastest one I've seen runs 7.6's, its nick named the "Texas Terror"
  2. Hmm...

    From SVT's website:
  3. wow pro-hawk that`s quick. i meant to say [email protected] not [email protected] but still i didn`t know the buick broke into the 7`s. the ford is fully capable of doing the same as the buick though. it just takes sombody with the time and money to do it
  4. If I'm not mistaken, haven't read too much into this, the v6 in mustangs isn't built for alot of abuse. You could get a V6 into low 1/4 miles sure, but the block will end up splitting before long. Again, this is being handed down on limited research ;)
  5. ap1995v6, the ford 3.8 was copied and improved from the buick 3.8L in the late 70`s. the improvements are:
    oncenter block on the ford to eliminate the need for offset con rods and better manifolding
    no skirt on block to add usless weight
    improved oiling system over the buick
    heads designed from the 351 cleveland 4bbl heads
    1.73 ratio rockers vs 1.55`s for the buick
    ford preformance history

    the ford block can withstand the same abuse and a little more than the 3.8l buick except for buick stageII blocks
  6. I was talking about the integrity of the structure of the block, not the improvements of all the bolt-ons.

    For example, there are 302 stock blocks, 302 sportsman blocks, and 302 race blocks. You don't see more durable blocks for 232s. That was my point.
  7. i am talking about the block not bolt ons the ford block is an improved design over the buick block. the ford block being an oncenter block eliminated the use of buick style offcenter con rods which was a weak link in the buick. that`s why buick came out with the stage II oncenter block which the series II 3800 GM motor is based on. the 3.8 has a very stout bottom end better than production 302 blocks and being equal to the 351w and the morana main girdle makes the 3.8 bottom end even stronger . the weakest part of the 3.8 ford block is the camshaft/lifter valley where splitting the block under high hp might occur but that can be reinforced also. the stock block and crank should be able to handle 500hp with no problem above that the main girdle is required and the crank should be nitride treated
  8. Well I forgot to mention it was nothing stock :) It was a turbo charged V6 buick but all stage II stuff and a VERY big turbo and IC. I would guess the piping for the IC was 5"OD alone :eek:
  9. 10 SEC CR = 0-60mph in 10sec.
  10. nope, I definitely think he was asking about 1/4 mile times jackass
  11. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Hmm...

    From SVT's website:

    Thanks for that lovely picture. I've seen plenty of those online, but I have yet to see a 99+ cobra on the streets with a pony emblem. Perhaps everybody here in south florida replace their ponies with snakes?
  12. I have yet to see a cobra with a pony emblem on the street myself. I've seen some on ebay, but that's it.
  13. My friend's '03 Cobra came with a Pony in the front, but I bought him a Cobra for graduation.

    POINT: They have always come with ponies in the front, but many Cobra owners switch to the Cobra. If you've got it, you might as well flaunt.
  14. Jeez this thread is still going :)