100% cotton towels

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  1. I hear that the ones only made in the USA are the best. So where can i buy good towels online for drying, washing, polishing. There are so many places. I dont want microfiber. Zaino says no. I am drying my car right now with the blue microfiber towel. I dont like it.
  2. I've always used microfiber to remove my Zaino. The towels work real well with their detailing spray too. Ebay might have some cotton towels at a good price.
  3. dont think ive used a cotton towel on my car in 2-3 years now, nothing but microfibers on mine.
  4. MF towels ownz all.......
  5. I'm old school, I use cheese cloths, or at least thats what some call them. I bought a roll of them like 15 years ago and stil have a bunch left.
    They are cloth, I just cut off as big a piece as I want. They are washable and reusable of course.
  6. Microfiber is superior.:nice:
  7. Whiteheat nice avatar :drool:
  8. What brand of Microfiber towels are worth the money? I'd hate to get a crappy one that scratches my paint.
  9. Another Micro Fiber user, I'm old school so to speak, having been a towel / diaper / chamois user for many years but since the intro of the Micro Fiber stuff I use them for everything.

    I just got a hugh one from Discount Auto Parts that is great for drying that was less than 6 bucks, I use smaller ones for removing wax (I don't know how I put up with anything else after using a Micro Fiber for this) and windows. I also use one for dusting the interior down and there is no cotton lint left afterwards. :nice:

    I've seen some at Wal-Mart too and I know Meguires has some good quality ones but haven't been able to find them locally here.
  10. for cotton towels i have my wife buy a couple of yards of cotton terry cloth at the local fabric store.....its alot cheaper than buying towels....cut it up into small towels....works like a champ.:nice: I do use MF towels to dry the car after washing though..
  11. Are the MF mitts are good as the MF towels?

    I just picked some up today but I want to make sure I made a good purchase.

  12. Those towels look very nice. I might have to get me some later on.
    But since I had to go to the parts store today and get a new ECT sensor, I saw they had some microfiber mitts so I grabbed two for 4 bucks each. Is this stuff okay to use? I shouldn't of just bought it but it was right there, lol.
    Here's a pic:

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  13. I prefer using sheep skin wool mitts, they have the advantage of "burring" dirt deep in the mitt to avoid scratching your paint. The only one I can think of is Megs wash mitt at Autozone and at Target they have some made by VROOM. I never used a MF mitt so I cant really comment on them. If you like them and they don't cause scrathes/marring use them, but most detailing tools in autoparts store really don't last long. I work at Discount and if those are the same I wouldn't use them they are not deep enough to allow dirt to hide into the mitt.
  14. Don't use a MF towel to dry your car. Use an Absorber or Shamoi or something like that. Use the MF to take off polish and get any remaining lint specks off of the paint. It safely locks the dust in so it won't scratch the clear coat.
  15. I think I got those exact ones once. And I used them ONCE. They weren't reuseable, they basically self distructed after the first use. There's a reason they only cost $4.

  16. Thanks for all the replies guys.

    For anyone that has used Zaino on their car, what exactly did you use? Like how many cotton towels, how many MF towels, etc.
  17. One note on MF towels, wash them seperately from any other wash-EVERYTHING will stick to them!!
  18. Why do you say that?