$100 Gift Cert from American Muscle. What should I buy....

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  1. suggestions?

    sort of been wanting a new shifter knob. my current one is a aluminum ball. nice piece but cold in the winter and i burn my hand in the summer. also thought about the pedal kit. i hear its a pain to put on tho. they offer package deal : pedals and shifter knob (the one i want) for $109.98. saves 20 bucks.

    heres the pedals : 1994-2004 Manual Mustang Bullitt Pedals at AmericanMuscle.com - Free Shipping!

    the knob : Mustang FRPP Shift Knobs at AmericanMuscle.com - Free Shipping!

    thought about subframes too : Mustang Full Length Subframe Connectors (79-04) at AmericanMuscle.com - Free Shipping!

    i dunno...
  2. The pedals look nice in any car. I'd get them for sure.

    And they aren't hard to install either. Just use a hair dryer to heat them up a bit and they go right on. It took me less than half an hour to do all 3 of mine.

    How'd you get a $100 card?
  3. eases my mind a bit. these reviews i read are making the install sound like brain surgery. i like the look of them.

    birthday gift. very generous of a buddy of mine. just have to figure out what i want :p
  4. I say go with subframes. pedals are useless imo
  5. I think the pedals being a tough install depends on what type you get. Seems like there might be some easier to put on vs others. I had to put mine in blistering hot water and had to use gloves to put them in the car. I love the pedals but I'm already managing to wear the rubber tips off :(
  6. Subframes, save the superficial mods for when you done modding the suspension/engine.

    My .02.
  7. If transferable with no expiration date, I would trade on Craigslist until I reached a 2012 Cobra. :D
  8. Full Length MM sub frames did wonders for my Cobra.
  9. I love my tri-ax. Best mod ever in my opinion.