100 Shot NOS. Whats the Safest on a Stock 302?????

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  1. Ive posted something similar to this b4.
    OK Ill list what i have and then ask the?

    1987 Ford Mustang, 302, 5.0, Speed Density, 5speed, Stock Engine, Cold air Intake, Headers, Mallory Promaster Coil, MSD 6AL Ignition, MSD 3 Stage Retard (Retard 4 degrees), MSD 8.5 mm Wires, CFN Nitrous Wet System, Autolite Plugs gap .25, EGT Module set to kill Nitrous when High set Temp is Met, NOS Purge kit, NOS Bottle warmer and Thats about It.

    My question is then How Much Shot of Nitrous do you Guys think this Baby can Handle without killing her. I run a 100 shot now but she feels like she can realy handle more maybe 125 / 150. Please tell me what you guys think and may have experienced? And how Much Retard for the NOS to be safe? :shrug:
  2. If you have the tune right and don't run out of fuel, you could probably run as much as a 200-250 shot before you really risk tearing the motor apart. Keep in mind that 500 RWHP is about all a stock 302 can handle before getting destructive.
  3. :shrug:What do you me have the Tune Right ?:shrug:
  4. He means keeping the Air/Fuel mixture in a safe place for the engine to handle. If you dont get enough gasoline to mix with the nitrous, you can get really lean and blow up your engine.
  5. Ok well i have put in a 255lph pump and changed the old injectors with some new 19lb injectors. Will that keep me on the safe side?:shrug:
  6. Really?how long has yours lasted with that big of a shot?
  7. Ive seen some cars run crazy big shots and last a couple 100k miles easy, like said above, its all in the tune and how often you spray. Bein a wet kit I say keep movin up the jets and see what she likes.
  8. I don't run nitrous on my car.

    I have a buddy that regularly sprayed 200 at his stock short block 302. I believe he just runs ported E7s, a GT-40 intake, and some sort of off-the-shelf cam. Its a little aggressive, but like I said above, if you have your fuel system up to par, its not impossible.

    That car was wild to ride in, because when he'd pull the trigger on the spray it was like a second engine kicked in. :nice: Of course he killed drivetrain components all the time. Axles, clutches, transmissions... You name it.
  9. Im Guessing that a 125 shot with the set up that i mentioned at the top of the page would be very safe then. I also run M/T Street Radials so im guessing i should have a good dig out. I will tell you guys what happened. I was also told buy a freind of mine that he sprayed his 87 Stang with 200 shot for quit some time with only a retard of 2 degrees, i thought that was scary as ive been told by others to use 2 degrees for every 50 shot. What do you think about the retard degrees? and also will i need bigger solinoids to spray more than the 125 shot?
  10. i ran a 125 on my 87 for about 2 years and i ran 7 degrees with no problems

    edit: just dont try power shifting on the juice that was the end of that engine lol