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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Three50won, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. 4.6 PI 2V Windsor heads with cams and valve covers (13/14 Bolt)
    4.6 Aluminum Block (bare)
    44 LB Bosch Injectors
    Moroso 7 qt oil pan (4.6/5.4)
    4.6 4V B-Style Heads with cams and valve covers (from 96 Mark VIII)
    96 Mark VIII Intake Manifold with TB and IMRC's
    4.6 cast iron crankshaft with 6 bolt flex plate
    19lb injectors (set of 8)
    96-98 NPI ECU
    99-04 PI ECU
    99-04 Vortech Mounting Bracket
    Vortech Power Cooler Reservoir (Reservoir ONLY)
    2 Cobra Fuel Pumps (03-04)
    96-98 Cobra MAF sensor for 24 lbers
    4.6 auto transmission
    3.27 gears for 8.8
    Aftermarket gauge cluster bezel (holds 2 extra gauges)
    Temp gauge, Boost gauge, A/F Ratio gauge (Not a wide-band)

    Plus extra stuff...351 block and crank, 5.0 8 bolt flex plate, 4.6 4V alternator, modular water pump, modular 4.6 radiator, modular oil pump, extra harmonic balancer, extra pulleys, 4V coolant crossover, 4.6 timing covers (I have 2), 4V exhaust manifold gaskets (new in package), 2 wiring harnesses (2V - both sets will make 1 good set), SOHC fuel rail...take whatever you want or leave whatever you don't want, it's up to you...use whatever you need and sell the rest if you want. I just gotta get this stuff outta here...

    I will lower the price if you don't want certain items or if you wanna mix and match so shoot me some offers. I would like to clean house so everything is up for grabs...

    If the price seems high for this stuff then just tell me what you think a reasonable offer would be and we can go from there. Thanks...
  2. I also have little stuff like extra cam followers, extra lifters, extra oil filter housings/adapters, extra motor mounts, extra tensioners, a 4V timing cover, SOHC camshaft cages, it's all included...
  3. How much for the temp boost and af gauge?
  4. Pics and Price for the Oil Pan.
  5. Hey man got any stock springs? And those Romeo heads, wanna sell just the cam gears and cam bolts?
  6. Hey guys, I'm sorry but I posted the wrong info on the heads. They are actually Windsor heads with the 13/14 valve cover bolt pattern. I was in a rush when I counted them...my bad...

    Steeda187, PM me your email address and I'll send you pics of the oil pan. And PM me what you're willing to spend for it and we'll go from there. Thanks...!!
  7. How much for the aluminum block?
  8. PM sent...
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