1. Not on here often lately but thought I'd say hello! The '93 just passed 100,000 miles and we are starting over!
    Sorry for the bad picture but it was around 1AM on my way home from work doing ~60 on the interstate.

    Anyways, I'm looking into getting a newer car so I can put the LX in the garage and find a 2.3 turbo motor to rebuild - hopefully you'll have more to hear about in the new year.
  2. woo hoo!!!!

    Mine just turned over 95000 this summer, getting closer to 96000 now. Its rough taking a picture of that while driving, I tried too.

    Mine celebrated 15 years since we signed the papers on her on August 28 1993. I would love to give her a new paint job and all restored, but that wil have to wait untill I find a newer daily driver, hopefully next year. But hey, she still looks better than most cars 2 yrs old :rolleyes:

    I don't fear the 100,000 mile rollover, just don't tell your car its been that far and it will never know.
  3. Odometers lie. Our stangs are only as old as we treat them, unless the prior owner was a moron.
  4. I've got 2 Foxes with 130,000+ mi. neither with rebuilt motors, and from driving them you would'nt know they were over the 30,000 that the odometer says. Take care of the 'stang and it will take care of you!!!
  5. lol remember when my 2.3 did that was excited to get rid of the 98,xxx mileage hahahaha
  6. I have pics somewhere of my Capri 2.3L rolling over to 200,000 miles somewhere. My 88 stang is at 84K.
  7. Our 90 mustang rolled 278k on the stock original A4LD Trans!:jaw:
  8. That's impressive! Mine has 146k miles and ate 3 A4lds. The C4 it currently has is going strong though. ;)

  9. My 89 did the same thing. Went through 4 A4Lds in 136,xxx miles... ouch...
    Granted 2 of them werent new

    I thought finding a C4 with a 2.3 bellhousing was hard? Good find for your car!
  10. Yup, the C4 bell is definately rare. A friend of mine pulled one at a yard and sold it to me for a reasonable price. :)

  11. Lucky! I had started looking for one when I gave up on the 2.3 swap. just got burnt out there for a while.
  12. I have about 169,000 on mine got rid of the A4LD after it blew right at 100K and was rebuilt and then blew the front main. Now I have a T5 and she still is going strong.

  13. Thats so not fair!
    My A4LD just crapped out on me @ 114,000!
    Got one from the junkyard that looks to be recently rebuilt!
    Better last me till at least 200,000.
    I don't look forward to taking that beast out again...

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  14. hey guys, i just bought a 1987 ford mustang 4 cyl fuel injected 5 spd standard (soon putting in a 5.0 when i get the cash). today i was driving and i noticed that in second and third gear when it gets between 2000 and 2500 rpms it seems to bog out and back fire a little bit until i hit around 3000 rpms then the power comes back... any ideas what this is caused by? it was running great until today. help much appreciated.

    cheers, jordan