10MPG!!! whats wrong??

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  1. well ill check the codes tomorrow at my auto mech. class.. ill post back tomorrow

    o and if there was anything really wrong would the check engine light come on?
  2. o yea and i wanted to clear something it, about the poor acceleration, if it was a clogged fuel line or something wouldnt that kinda be savin gas? unlike me loosin it.. and if there was a leak in the fuel line which causes the poor acceleration would there be a puddle on the ground or something?
  3. Check engine light won't always come on...

    it's not a clogged fuel line...

    Yes, it would leave a puddle...unless it only leaks while the car is running...
  4. Same thing I
    was thinking!
  5. I AGREE!
  6. if its the clogged cat what do you got to do to it? just by a new one? i only have one and i took thee one that farthest from the egine off. and my exhaust is pretty loud.. if the cat was clogged would it be kinda quiet?

    another things.. could this have anything to do with my injectors?
  7. well i took it too my auto mech. teacher and he said since the check engine light isnt on then there wont be any codes that will pop up. I didnt want to say he was wrong so i just said ok and told him my problem and he said to check my fuel pressure reg. or my injectors are messed up like some are running rich and some are running poor.. how do i check the fuel pressure reg?
  8. Sounds like your auto mech. teacher is a teacher because he isn't good enough to be a real mechanic...

    Injectors don't squirt more fuel than when they are brand new...only less (when clogged). This won't cause bad gas mileage.

    The CEL stuff is BS also...If it's not a hard fault code it won't trip the CEL...it is still a code to tell you something is wrong though.

    I already told you how to check the fuel pressure regulator: "check the fuel pressure (or pull the vacuum line off the regulator and see if there is any gas in it). "

    You can also put a fuel pressure gauge on it to check...
  9. i pulled it off and it looks pretty dry to me.
  10. scan for codes...and check the fuel pressure with a gauge...
  11. CAI + EFI = Pull MAF sensor module from the top of the box (two torques bits) and VERY carefully clean the wires. Use electronics parts cleaner, or VERY carefully scrape the **** off of both those wires...... If you break those wires you will be buying a new one....

    Oil from the K&N type filter gets pulled onto the MAF sensor wires and screws up the sensors ability to tell the difference in tempiture between the inside consistantly heated wire and the outside air coming in, or something like that.
  12. my car dont got mass air
  13. a clogged cat normally causes a massive loss of power, and can cause gas mileage problems. This was a very common problem with the 3.0L Duratec escapes and mazda tributes, pedal to the floor they wouldnt do more than 30mph when they got clogged, rather severe. Best way to check this stuff is unbolt the exhaust, take it for a drive.
  14. Still no codes pulled??
  15. no i havent pulled codes yet. but the loss in power doesnt always happen just mainly when i come off corners. if the cat was clogged would the loss in power always be there? if not then mabey that can be the problem?
  16. What is the average gas mileage on a 2.3L N/A?
  17. I would definately recommend doing the PCV valve. I have found this to make a difference on my gas milage. I don't know but I wonder if the fuel injectors would be affecting your gas milage?
  18. ive changed the pcv valve. how often do cats go bad? my car has almost 200,000 miles on it and its looks like the stock cat. i wish i could get in contact with the *** who sold me the car to see if he ever change the o2 sensor..
  19. SCAN FOR CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!