10psi Vs 10psi

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  1. I just learned I have a v1 b trim and not v1 s trim. my question is if I want, for example 10psi, what is the difference if I get it from a b trim or s trim orwhat ever trim?? is 10psi, 10psi? Thx
  2. For the most part...heat. You could make 10psi with the smaller blower, but be creating much higher discharge temps than you would were you spinning a larger blower at slower speeds. The farther you spin a blower out of its adiabatic efficiency range, the harder it will be to reach and maintain those power levels.

    Hotter air won't make as much power as cooler air and you will therefore need to produce more of it, to reach the same power levels. You will require higher octane fuel, or less ignition timing to boot.

    The one advantage the smaller blower might have when pullied for big numbers, is the rate at which the power comes on. A smaller blower will be a little more responsive in the lower ranges than the bigger blower.
  3. Awsome! u explaind it great. This supercharger thing is new to me, so im just learning. Thx
  4. Glad it helped. My advice would be to give your B-Trim a try with your set up and see how it performs. See what your ACT's data log at in the upper ranges. See if it holds boost pressure up top. Will you be cooling the charge somehow? Aftercooler, or Water/Meth injection? You might be satisfied with the B-Trim after all, considering how much more efficient the top end parts of your engine are over stock.

    If you're not making the power you want it to, go ahead and change, or upgrade the unit. If I'm not mistaken, a B-Trim can be upgraded to an S-Trim (or was it an A-Trim to an S-Trim....I can never remember?) but if it were me, I'd just jump right up to a T-Trim. That'll efficiently support enough airflow to make all the power your stock block will be able to handle. Keep in mind though....at around 500hp, you'll have to start sinking some money into the fuel system (feel line, rails, injectors, pumps, etc). It'll start getting expensive.
  5. Not planning on aftercooler for a while. those are expensive!! Maybe meth injection maybe if needed. I have 10:1 compression so ill keep boost low.
    I have afr 185s, x cam, performer rpm, long tubes, off road x pipe, so i have a good top end ( except dino cam) Btrim cant b upgraded so that what i gonna have to use.
    I have 42# inj, 190lph, t rex inline, goin on with it.