Expired 10th Anniv. Coupe - 6700 Miles!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs For Sale (1994-04)' started by Dior55, May 12, 2013.

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    Located in Carmel, NY - about 60 miles north of NYC.

    After owing this fine vehicle since new for 10 years, I have decided to sell my beloved Terminator. I have averaged less than 700 miles per year. I must tell you that I don't know if the windshield wipers work -- because I have never turned them on!!!!!

    Please check out all details on Autotrader.com:


    I don't believe there are too many out there with this low mileage. The car is essentially new. Adult owned (I am 57 now so you figure the math).

    I am not interested in anybody trying to educate me as to what this car is "really worth". I know how perfect this car is - you don't. I don't have six of these to sell, only one. If you don't agree with me, just hit your back key and have a nice day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.