35th Anniv 10th Anniversary of 35th Anniversary "Limited Edition" GT

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  1. OK, its been 10 years since Ford debuted the "Limited Edition" GT. How many are original owners like myself? Post up a story about how you came across it or just had to order yourself one after seeing a pic. Whats ever the story, post something about the first time you met. Even if you have an interesting story about buying it used, take a few and write it up.

    I'll start.....some may already have heard this.

    It was mid 1999, my first wife and I were soon to be divorced and I had possesion of my 1994 Mustang GT and her 1996 XLT 5.0 Explorer. I needed to drop one or both quickly since neither was paid for. I really hated to get rid of the GT, it was my first late model. So, I decided to trade both in for something newer. Not sure what, but even contemplated a 1999 Cougar(thankfully not).
    I was really hoping for a white or silver 1999 GT in pretty much base form. My 94 GT was cloth interior and was fine with me.
    This is September 1999, so most Ford dealerships had very low inventory on Mustangs. My local dealer had zilch, so I went to another close by. He had 4 six cylinders and 1(one) GT. The one GT was my Limited Edition. I really didn't want it at first(I had a Laser Red GT, and didn't really want red again), not that I did'nt like it, but the sticker was nearly $30 grand. I even went down and looked at some Camaro Z28's on the Chevy lot, but they were $$$$ too!
    So, after much dealing with the sales guy, they really wanted to move the 1999 model cars. We cut a deal for the 1999 "Limited Edition" minus the cost of the package plus "loyalty" cash and incentives, I think it came to around $22,500 for the "Limited". Closer to my original pricing. I think the total they took off was nearly $4000. I was really beat after that.
    It was a struggle for a few months to swing the payment, due to the fact I was also paying on some credit cards my ex-wife had ran up. But, I eventually got a settlement from here and a nice check for $3500 about a year later and everything worked out. She was none too happy that I had a new GT and she was driving a used 1992 RS Crapmaro.
    Now ten years later, me and the GT are still together and I have a wonderful wife that is a real gem. 8 yrs together.
    Thats my story, hope it didn't bore.

  2. Happy 10th everyone!

    Here's my story: I almost died of cancer in '94. One of the nurses that was helping me through chemo and radiation told me that I should focus on 2 goals; one of those being completely selfish---something I always wanted. Well, years prior when I was 18 I had a '79 Mustang Turbo and always wanted to buy and build the Mustang I dreamt of.

    Cut to 1999. After a couple of really nice cars, (modded Probe GT, Supra Twin Turbo, modded Integra GS-R) I was out for a new project/toy. After looking at a new Trans Am WS6 and finding out just how much the dealer loved their cars, I went to Ford. The first guy I spoke with was one of the BEST salesmen I ever met; still remember his name!! Anyhow, I decided to get a black GT; NOT the 35th because I couldn't afford it. Here in Colorado the dealers were all gouging for an extra $5000 over sticker for the Anniversary cars.

    Well, Ford or the dealer LOST my regular GT and my salesman called me and offered me the last Anniversary they had, a black coupe at the agreed price of the regular GT I ordered. Obviously I bit---HARD...bought the car July 20th.

    10 years later I still have the car, but if the economy doesn't change then it won't be for long. I'd LOVE to say that it's been a blissful decade, but after spending 10's of thousands on the car with a HORRIBLE mechanic I've had to dump even more to get it fixed.

    My goals never changed. I wanted a Mustang that would run less than 12's up here at 6000', win autocross races, stereo competitions and car shows.

    I've done all but the 12's...and that's just a traction issue now. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll achieve the 11's here shortly.

    I've loved being a part of the A.E. club and it was nice when I was able to get the plates for our cars. Unfortunately times have changed, but there are alot of nice memories. Will I get to keep her? Don't know the future, but time will tell.

    Happy motoring everyone!!
  3. KEY 4 KEY

    My first truck was a kick ass 95 dodge dakota v8 5 spd and mods (buying it back in like a month :) ) Anyways after senior prom I saw the same exact truck but 3 years newer and that was my graduation present, to put it in a nut shell. In like my second year of college my friend knew that I liked four eyed fox body's and told me about this 99 mustang gt and it was like one of 515 in white and said the kid was interested in trading for my truck, I was like ehhh about it. The kid had a liking of my truck cuz it was electric blue v8, 5spd, 4x4 and crap and was serious too.....Of course winter was on its way and after about a month or so I did research and couldnt get the car off my mind and after all, later on in life I could say I had or own a mustang gt. So I TRADED my Dakota for my Mustang KEY FOR KEY!:D
  4. Oh Question

    Hey I ordered a clutch for the car too and i wanted to know if anyone knew if our cars have an 8 bolt flywheel? I asked ford and they said it was an 8 bolt but the whole 8 bolt 6 bolt thing is ehh to me and I dont want to order the wrong flywheel