11.37 Camaro Bolt on

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  1. Guy has been tryin for awhile now to run 11s in his Bolt on only 2010 Camaro, we knew he could do it....and boy did he do it !!!!:nice:

    Car weighs approx. 3800lbs , Full Exhaust and Tune, CAI
    18 Z06s in the Back, 16 Skinnys on the front, also replaced the front brakesystem.
  2. Dude what's with all the Camaro posts. I think everyone gets the point. :shrug:
  3. Actually I didn't realize it was a 2010. I'll admit it's interesting and impressive. but my point still stands. :D
  4. Just information, ive been posting nothing but Mustang dynos, 1/4 mile times and new models lately. I thought it was really impressive what he was able to do. Try and forget the Namebrand and maybe youll appreciate the accomplishment.

    I posted a 2010 mustang with just an Xpipe and UCAs going 12.96......because I thought it was impressive. Youll get used to me....im just a car fan. Dont take offense to posts, there not there to insult man.
  5. i love all the new big 3 contenders Stang ,Camaro, Challenger
    but bolt on 11's is impressive ...very impressive. lighten that pig up and watch her scream. so whats it laying down for poweR? curiousity is getting me
  6. Fair enough, I'm a car enthusiast too (and drive a Chevy to boot), maybe just saw a bunch of Camaro posts and assumed you were a fanboy or something.

    Either way, 11.xx is amazing, I really like the new Camaro's, but I actually think I've (surprisingly as I've always hated the S-197's) started to like the '10 Mustang a lot more, just can't do that Camaro interior. 12's for the Stang is nice too.

    I want a new GT as a DD big time, just would never pay new car prices, so gotta wait.... :mad:
  7. ss....

    the mods you listed....were those his only mods? im guess he might have had a little bit more. Its amazing what the camaro can do once it has some traction and tuning!
  8. Assuming 3800 lbs for the car (as noted above) and about 180 lbs for the driver, you'd need 530 rwhp to run 125 mph through the traps. And, assuming about a 15% drivetrain loss, flywheel hp is likely somewhere around 625hp. Are we sure this is just a bolt on 6.2L? Sounds more like forced induction or a wild cam & heads swap.
  9. If he goes .07 faster, he will have reached that mythical 2 seconds under factory rated quarter mile time with only bolt ons. Looks like it might be possible. Hmm, I wonder if any other cars can get 2 seconds under their factory rated quarter time with only bolt ons?:shrug: Have we had this conversation before????:flag:
  10. Mm&ff just ran a 2010 gt500 in stock trim to a 11.95 in stock trim. 11.59 with slicks. This months issue. :)
  11. Now let's swap the pullies and spray a new gt500 I'm thinking low 10's maybe high nines ( wishful thinking I know)
  12. Wow, he never said he sprayed..... I was wondering, his first run was 11.87, and then It jumped to 11.37......I was like..man, what traction lol..... On me for not investigating more. Not saying he was trying to trick anyone, it was my fault for not looking into it more. MY BAD !!!
  13. 427 Rwhp, He did lighten it up almost 250lbs.

    He took off the factory 20s, put 18s in the rear and 16 skinnies in the front. He also replaced the front brake system, almost 100lbs in that alone.

  14. Heres the NA version run. This was all motor no spray. Sorry for the last post, really I didnt know.

    Heres the non spray version