11.5" Widened Stock wheels came in

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  1. These just came in today from weldcraft wheels.com Total price for new wheels, shipping, and widending was just under $900, and I have not bought tires yet!

    They are stockers widened 2" to 11.5

    I will be putting a 345 MT drag on them. Based on how I've seen their 315s fit a 9.5" wide wheel, I think the 345s will fit an 11.5 wheel just fine, even though the rim is .5" narrower than recomended.

    I will have to make a few mods to the wheel well for these to fit, there is bracket that needs to be moved, and I'll have to ditch the shock dust cover. Swaybar might interfere, we'll see. It will be several weeks before I have time to work on this.

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  2. looks like a quality mod. the welds look really good. what is on the outer lip of the wheel in the last pic? duct tape?

    weldcraft has a good reputation with widening wheels, just sucks it costs so much for a stock style wheel. let us know how it goes when you get the tires mounted and the combo on the car. will be nice to see detailed pics on what was needed to be modified.