'11 Ingot Silver against the Texas cliffside...

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  1. A friend of mine and I have been trying to make this happen for a while now, and we finally had the chance to meet up. Dave has a great eye, and I think his pics came out superb to say the least. Here are just a few of my favorites. His photo album can be seen at the end. Again, I did not take these, a friend of mine did. Enjoy...





    my favorite!







    Second favorite.





    Third favorite.


    Chris Valdez - 2011 Mustang GT - Dave Graves' Photos
  2. PERFECT except for the front plate. remove that whore PLEASE.
  3. I think all those pics just prove one thing.

    Any way you look at it, the 'Stang is a beauty! :D
  4. I love the look of you stang,
    very tastefully done. :nice:
  5. It went on after 3 tickets in 3 months for no plate. Heck while shooting a police officer rolled up to check on us, as he drove away he checked for a plate.
  6. Nice pictures. Enjoyed viewing. The license plate actually isn't that bad looking on a Mustang as compared to some other sporty cars.
  7. dang man im sorry. its that bad in SA?! thats horrible :(
  8. I've seen alot of people put their front license plates on their dashboards. Texas law does not state where the license plate has to be, only that you have one. That said, I do not have a front license plate. Not even on the dash. I live near my local police station & I drive by there all the time. They see me & don't seem to care. There are alot of people in my neighborhood with Vettes, Vipers, Cobras, & Camaros with no front license plates either. So long as they continue to not mind, I'm not putting one on.

    Still, your pictures are awesome! It's a beautiful car.

  9. Actually the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled a few month ago that Texas drivers must display license plates on the front bumpers of their vehicles.

    Court: Texas License Plates Must Be Mounted On Front Bumpers

    You've just been lucky. Front plate law suck.
  10. I agree they do suck. What's the point of requiring a front license plate. If you are going to get pulled over, they'll be behind you. From there, they can clearly see your rear license plate. Other states don't require front license plates. Sheesh.
  11. Ok, I was curious about this so I started researching.

    I found quite a few answers that seemed plausible but no definitive answers.

    Amongst the most believable:

    1. Revenue generation (cost of plate + tickets for not having)
    2. Increased identification. Not necessarily for a cop pulling you over but for a citizen witnessing a crime from the front.
    3. Aid in identifying vehicles involved in hit and run accidents. Many times the car will drop the plate, the entire front bumper or leave enough of an imprint from the front plate to assist in identifying the car that fled.

    Take it for what it's worth...

    We aren't required to have them in Florida which I love but have had to run vanity plates of some sort on the front of two of my mustangs due to the previous owner being from out of state and there being holes in the front bumper. :p
  12. I found this on Wikipedia:
    So apparently more states require a front plate than don't. I'm glad TN doesn't. :D
  13. Sorry OP for keeping off topic but, front plates are totally unnecessary. Make a car look like a buck tooth beaver lol. You can take the plate off for pictures.
  14. have you considered cutting the top and bottom of the plate off and getting a hideaway frame to mount it in your center opening?