'11 Ingot w/ 20x9/11 Piano Black F14's :)

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  1. So I put her new shoes on and took her for a spin in the hill country. Feels like a different car. The wheels are lighter than stock, and grip way better. Not to mention the PS2's respond 100x better than the Pirelli's. Met up with with some friend's for some Grimaldi's, which was UNREAL! lol. Anyways, the full-res set is in here Galadriel's new shoes - a set on Flickr, and here are some of my favs. Like I said, pics are nothing special, just stoked to have the new shoes on and had my camera with me.

    Forgestar F14's in Piano Black 20x9/11 255/35-305/35/20's







    Thanks for looking. :)
  2. OMG, that car is damn perfect.... love the way that looks
  3. That thing is straight tits :drool:
  4. Dear Digital Synapse,

    Your car is perfect and I want to fornicate with it.

    that is all.
  5. Those wheels look SICK!
  6. Well, for you, almost perfect. It's got the 5.0, not the sixer, sorry...

    LOL had to do it! :rlaugh: just messing with you :p
  7. :nice:
  8. Beautiful color combo! :nice:

    A couple Q's.. Brembo package? if so, I suspect no fitment problem w/ the 20's right? Also, what lowering springs/kit? I have Eibach Sportlines & want to compare..

    Anyway, Great look!
  9. Forgestar knows whats up with wheel specs.

    I have the same springs.
  10. Sick ride man. I've got a question though. Why did you pick the F14's rather than the F14F's for the rear? Any particular reason?
  11. I dont understand the question. You're asking why I didn't put two totally different wheels on the same car? The F14 it Rotary Forged the F14F is Modular Forged. The wheel face on the F14 is 20", and ont he F14F 18". The F14 is available in widths to 12", where the F14F is only out to 10". Personally, aside from the obvious functional and structural differences, I dont think it would look good to have 20's on the front and 18's on the rear.

    Again, not sure I understand your question.
  12. My bad, I was on the website and was completely confused by the product pictures, being extremely lazy, I didn't read any of the information about either set of rims and believed the F14F was a variant of the F14 with a machined lip.
  13. Best looking 5.0 in my opinion.
  14. Very nice stance!!!! what is the front/reat offset for the rim? also no rubbing issue?
  15. No rubbing, except in my pants. ;)

    Call Forgestar for the offsets.
    (714) 826-8249

    (714) 844-9103

    9:30am-5:00pm PST Mon-Fri

    Forgestar Wheels USA
    1161 N. Knollwood Cir.
    Anaheim, CA 92801
  16. Everythings bigger and better in Texas!
  17. Great taste, car looks amazing!
  18. What are you lowered on? Looks sweet!