11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. Nitrous wa the only logical answer
  2. Me.... Nitrous? Never lol
  3. but nitrous or not... if it stays with a 5 speed the goal is STILL 11's NA... if it goes auto the converter wont be right for the motor so that goal will be out the window
  4. DONT COUNT ME OUT YET! i got a lead on a T5... if its good you WILL see an 11sec NA pass this year and MAYBE a 10 also on the bottle
  5. friend of mine who use to run a stick shift NMRA class...
  6. more goodies coming :) the guy i was getting the nitrous kit from never came though... so its on my list for carlilse.

    but picking the GT40 plate up today the WOT switch will be here tomorrow so i can start working on the bracket for that. going to mount the line lock tonight also so i can start running the lines for that also
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    More to come!
  8. Are you ready to spray? Or are you still going for 11's N/A? What kind of kit are you using? Exciting times. Going to try for a 7.99 1/8 this year. Just bought some 235/65/15 MT's. Looking to buy some type of tuning software towards end of summer, possibly spray next spring. Hoping for 12.5X's N/A, low 11's on spray, if it ever happens.

    Good luck with it!

  9. The goal is still 11.99999 Na I should have everything to spray it this weekend.
  10. Nitrous is no good without a trans! What's up with that T5 you mentioned?
  11. He hasn't had a chance to see what gear set it is yet...
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    Done till next week... Need more parts again lol
  13. What's that on the throttle body ... I know nothing about nitrous
  14. Wide open throttle switch
  15. Oh cool glad to see your making progress